Call for Submissions

Did you know you can submit to English-language international lit mags?

Why limit yourself to being published in lit mags in the U.S., Canada, or the U.K? There are many countries with English-language lit mags you can also submit your work to. For example, my poem “My Monkey Grammarian” was published in Hong Kong and even included in a review! You can read more about it here.

Bernedette Geyer discovered some international opportunities when living abroad in Berlin, Germany. She gives details of her experience and several markets in her article on Authors Publish:

6 International Publishing Opportunities

“Many writers who live in English-speaking countries may assume that the market for their work consists solely of literary magazines that are published in the country in which they live. But, in this globally-connected era, writers should think beyond their own country’s borders. The internet has certainly played a part in connecting writers with readers around the world. As a result, there are a sizeable number of journals around the world that publish writing in English.”

The markets she mentions include:





Make sure to subscribe to Author’s Publish while you’re there. Authors Publish is a completely free magazine for writers and includes submission opportunities, publishing tips, writing advice, prompts, and more.





You an also read about the English-language lit mags in Ireland, England, and the Netherlands in this article from The Review Review:

The View From Abroad: Three Editors on the Lit Mag Scenes in Ireland, England and the Netherlands

You can subscribe to The Review Review newsletter as well, just enter your email address in the footer bar prompt and click Submit.


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