Call for Submissions

Need writing prompts for National Poetry Month? #NaPoMo

Poetry Super Highway is sponsoring a Prompt-a-Day for National Poetry Month. There’s still time to get in on the fun this month and become inspired to write! Not to mention all of the incredible poetry being shared.

You can check out Poetry Super Highway’s prompts here and post your inspired poem beneath each prompt as a comment. Today’s prompt is one I submitted and how I composed my poem, “Waiting Around.”

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If you don’t already follow Poetry Super Highway, make sure to browse their site and sign up for their weekly newsletter. They also host an online open mic once a month and take submissions for Poet of the Week.

Click here for more info on their next open mic, scheduled this Sunday, April 19 at 2pm Pacific time. 

Click here to read their submission guidelines.

For other prompt resources and projects happening in April, click here.


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