National Poetry Month Prompts and Call for Bra/Breast Poems – DEADLINE 4/30/15 #NaPoMo

Still time to write and submit your bra/breast poems to Les Femmes Folles! The prompt for today was to Day 16 – make art/write a found poem from advertisements for bras. ‪#‎NaPoWriMo‬ ‪#‎amwriting‬ #30/30

Trish Hopkinson

Les Femmes Folles Books, a micro-feminist press is sponsoring a month of poetry prompts and a submission call for poems on the topic of bras/breasts for the National Poetry Month. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter to receive the daily prompts, or check their site for updates about once a week. According to their site, “To celebrate the month, LFF will also accept submissions of new poems and art on bras and breasts until April 30th to run as a feature in connection with the upcoming TALES exhibit in May at Monogalia Art Center, themed around the book, featuring art by TALES artist Lauren Rinaldi, with work by 15 other artists from around the U.S.”

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You can catch up on the prompts so far this…

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