Because I am oldest by Trish Hopkinson (Me, as a Child Poetry Series)

It’s been a good poetry week! Silver Birch Press published my new poem “Because I am oldest” in their “Me as a Child” poetry series this morning. Make sure to check out their current call for submission, “All about My Name”. DEADLINE: June 7, 2015.

Silver Birch Press

Because I am oldest
by Trish Hopkinson

I sit in silence,
my hands in my lap, like sleeping kittens,
the cold metal of the unfolded chair
beneath the backs of my knees.
Many rows of mourners
separated me from the casket.
I am brave. I have to be—
I’m older than my brother and sister.
I was the only one who understood,
the only one who had known
Great Granny.

I think about her house—
the story of how she still used an outhouse
until right before I was born,
how I used to sit on a quilt
on the long grass, playing Canasta
with the grownups last summer.
I sit in sadness—I know
my baby sister will never
have her own Baby Bonnet quilt
sewn by Granny. I know
I am special, because I do.

People always cry at funerals.
I know why. I know they will miss her

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