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FREE Online Writing Class from Davidson College

Register now so you don’t lose sight of this one! This six week course suggests participants spend about 2-4 hours a week studying how to create interactive fiction, kinetic poetry and more using electronic forms.

You’ll learn some history on digital creativity, how to interpret and analyze digital literature and art, ways to approach new media environments, remixing techniques, and how to create “your own weird e-lit monster.”

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“Love letters generated by a computer. An online poem two hundred trillion stanzas long. A mystery novel in the form of a wiki. The story of Inanimate Alice, told through videos and instant messages. An ocean buoy tweeting remixes of Moby Dick. Welcome to the weird world of electronic literature--digitally born poetic, narrative, and aesthetic works read on computers, tablets, and phones. Experimental, evocative, and sometimes simply puzzling, electronic literature challenges our assumptions about reading, writing, authorship, and meaning.”

The instructors include Dr. Mark Sample, Kristen Eshleman, Robert McSwain, and Sara Swanson.

You can take the class for free or sign up for a verified certificate for $50. The only hard part is waiting until October to get started!

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