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Exquisite Poetry in Words Dance – “The Rape of Persephone” by Hannah Hamilton

Plan to spend some time with this poem by Hannah Hamilton and corresponding artwork by Kelly Louise Judd. Each numbered section of this poem brings readers in closer and closer to the speaker–an intimate and detailed exposure to experiences many of us relate to in one way or another. The poem’s speaker talks of adolescence, her heritage, and how she is affected by gender.

Sometimes when men talk to me, I wonder
if the rifles are behind their backs or if
the bullets are resting on their tongues

hidden by their bared white teeth.

Kudos to Words Dance for publishing this intricate piece and the lovely artwork accompanying it. Don’t miss this one.

Words Dance artfully & carefully wrangles words that were born to dance wildly in the heart-mind matrix. Rich, edgy, raw, emotionally-charged energy balled up & waiting to whip your eyes wild; we rally together words that were written to make your heart go boom right before they slay your mind. Words Dance is always open for submissions.

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Check out their submission guidelines here.


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