What’s in a Name? by Rick Lupert (All About My Name Poetry Series)

Look who is on Silver Birch Press this morning! Congrats to Poetry Super Highway’s esteemed leader for this fabulous poem. Well done Rick Lupert!

Silver Birch Press

What’s in a Name?
by Rick Lupert

My parents named me Rick
spelled just that way.

They liked the way it sounded and
didn’t want to have Richard

on paper, just so they could
call me Rick.

When I ordered my birth certificate
in 1986, from the great

state of New Jersey, so I could
get my driver’s license,

it came with a document
signed by my dad

removing the ‘k’ which he thought
would be cool.

There was another document
attached to that

dated the very next day
signed by my mom

changing it back.
You could see the divorce

coming for miles.

PHOTOGRAPH: Rick Lupert in 1970, shortly after the events described in the poem. With a pony.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I don’t remember a time that my parents weren’t divorced. The evidence discovered in the events of this poem, years after they occurred, were astounding to me…

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