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International Mag Features Diverse and Imaginative Writings and Translations

My first review of Bitter Oleander’s Spring issue just went up on The Review Review! I recently sent a request to join the ranks of the literary reviewers on their site and they sent me a lit mag to read and write about. Meaning, not only did it give me motivation to read a new lit mag from cover to cover, but I received it for no cost!

If you aren’t familiar with The Review Review, set aside an hour or two with a glass of your favorite adult beverage and check out the amazing amounts of information they provide. Including:

  • Reviews of lit mags and journals
  • A directory of magazines with detailed summaries and links
  • Interviews with a variety of editors, writers, etc.
  • Tons of articles on publishing tips
  • Calls for submissions and other writing related classifieds

Here’s a snippet from my review:

The Bitter Oleander is a place to submit writing that rides the edge, to send in poems translated carefully and gracefully, to push the boundaries of physical metaphor, with a spattering of science and mundane, yet powerful realities; and not without a bit of the night sky--stars, space, and time.

Read my complete review of Bitter Oleander here:

International Mag Features Diverse and Imaginative Writings and Translations

Review of Bitter Oleander, Spring 2015 by Trish Hopkinson

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  1. Trish — I loved your review and submitted to Bitter Oleander. Thank you for your posts! They are all very helpful and so appreciated.

    • Wow, thanks Gina! Thank you for your kind comments. Good luck with your submission… the best part is, you’ll know within 30 days! Love, love fast lit mags!

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