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My poem "Wouldn't a flyswatter be easier" published by Drunk Monkeys!

Another film-inspired poem looks back on the first time I saw the original Karate Kid at a drive-in movie theater (remember those?) I love that Drunk Monkeys promotes the poems they publish across social media with clever images. They found the perfect pic for this poem :).
My poem "Jules Talks to Jules" created from lines spoken only by the character Jules in Quentin Tarantino's film Pulp Fiction was published on Drunk Monkeys at the end of July. I’ve got one more poem coming out on Drunk Monkeys this month… keep an eye out for it!

Wouldn't a Flyswatter Be Easier by Trish Hopkinson

Drunk Monkeys is an online lit mag with a unique style, dedicated to “publishing work that's as eclectic as possible, from some of the most exciting emerging voices in the literary scene.” You can read more on their about page, which is not to be missed! Click here for Drunk Monkeys submission guidelines.

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  1. Congratulations! It is always great to see your work published. And thanks for providing all of the great info on where to submit. I’ve been sharing your blog with other writers.

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