Call for Submissions: MY SWEET WORD Poetry & Flash Fiction Series

Another wonderful online series from Silver Birch Press! Get those poems and flash fiction stories in before the deadline on Sept. 30.

Silver Birch Press

ice cream photo With apologies to George “My Sweet Lord” Harrison (RIP), Silver Birch Press announces the MY SWEET WORD call for submissions of poetry and flash fiction. For many of us, some of our most significant memories (pleasant or otherwise) involve sweets and treats — running to catch up with the Good Humor truck, baking cookies during the holidays, trick or treating, visiting the corner candy store, making a trip to Dairy Queen, learning to share our goodies, and so much more. We want to hear all about your sweet (or bittersweet) memories in a poem, prose poem, or flash fiction. Please send a photo of yourself at any age to accompany the writing.

PROMPT: Tell us your recollections about sweets in a poem (any reasonable length) or prose poem/flash fiction piece (200 words or less). For the series, you can also submit found or erasure poems based on a “sweet” recipe…

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