Call for Submissions

9 PAYING Submission Calls Open Now (Deadlines start Sept 26)


This list focuses on poetry submissions, but most lit mags accept prose and art as well. The listings are in order of closest deadlines and some have administrative/processing submissions fees of up to $4 as noted below.

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Iron Horse


#LikeAGirl Issue (Aug 18 – Sept 26, 2015)

NaPoMo 2016 (Sept 29 – Oct 31, 2015)

IHLR 2016 Trifecta (Nov 3 – Dec 1, 2015)

PAYMENT: $40 per poem, $100 per prose piece


NOTES: "We at Iron Horse Literary Review were so moved by the commercial that we’re devoting an entire issue to all the girls and women who are swinging a fierce left or right punch in this world. We want stories, poems, and essays about the power of women. Women who create. Women who fight. Women who overcome. Women who love. Women who win."

FORMS: Poetry and prose

DUOTROPE: removed by the market

The Blue Route

DEADLINE: October 1, 2015



RESTRICTIONS: Submissions are restricted to undergraduate students.

NOTES: "We want good, highly imaginative writing about contemporary life as you see it. We're not interested in genre writing (romance, detective, horror, sci-fi) unless it somehow rises above the conventions associated with those types of writing. If your writing is clichéd, inspired by TV, emphasizes end rhyme above all else, has flat characters, exhibits a general insensitivity to the beauties and subtleties of language, it will not find a place in this journal."

FORMS: Poetry, fiction, nonfiction


Imaginate – CLOSED

DEADLINE: October 1, 2015

PAYMENT: $0.05 (5 cents) per word upon acceptance


NOTES: "Each quarter, we’ll share new prompts here on the blog and in this quarter’s issue for the different genres we seek. Prompts will usually revolve around that quarter’s theme. (View our list of themes and deadlines on the Submissions page.) Writers should use the prompt to create their entry for the next quarter."

FORMS: Poetry, flash fiction, short stories


Tin House


Summer, 2016: Open, non-themed. Pub date June 1, 2016. Deadline for unsolicited submissions: October 31, 2015.

Fall, 2016: Theme: Sex, Again?  Pub date September 1, 2016. Deadline for unsolicited submissions: December 31, 2015.

Winter 2016: Open, non-themed. Pub date December 1, 2016. Deadline for unsolicited submissions: February 28, 2015.

PAYMENT: Per Duotrope - professional payment $50+ per poem


NOTES: "We have provided suggested deadlines for each theme issue, but please be aware that these fill up fast, so get your theme-issue submissions in as soon as possible."

FORMS: Poetry, art, writing on poetry topics


The Iowa Review

DEADLINE: November 30, 2016

PAYMENT: $1.50 per line for poetry ($40 minimum) and $0.08 per word for prose ($100 minimum)

SUBMISSION FEE: $4 – Subscribers are welcome to submit 1 fee-free manuscript during our submission period (September to December)

NOTES: "The Iowa Review is published three times a year: in April, August, and December. We look for the best writing available and are often pleased to introduce new writers. We also sponsor The Iowa Review Awards, an annual contest in our three main genres of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction."

FORMS: Fiction, poetry, nonfiction, book reviews



DEADLINE: April 1, 2016

PAYMENT: Per Duotrope - semipro payment $5 – $49


NOTES: "From the first issue onward, jubilat has aimed to publish not only the best in contemporary American poetry, but to place it alongside a varied selection of reprints, found pieces, lyric prose, art, and interviews with poets and other artists. Rather than section off these varieties of work, the magazine creates a dialogue that showcases the beauty and strangeness of the ordinary, and how experiments with language and image speak in a compelling way about who we are."

FORMS: Poetry, art, writing on poetry topics


Georgia Review

DEADLINE: May 15, 2016

PAYMENT: $50 per printed page for prose and $4 per line for poetry


NOTES: "We seek the best work we can find, whether by Nobel laureates and Pulitzer Prize-winners or by little-known (even previously unpublished) writers. All manuscripts receive serious, careful attention; we try to respond within two or three months, but sometimes the ebb and flow of manuscripts causes delays. We have published stories ranging in length from less than one of our pages to more than sixty, and we have run poems of fewer than ten lines and more than one thousand."

FORMS: Essays, poetry and fiction, book reviews, artwork


New England Review

DEADLINE: May 31, 2016

PAYMENT: $20 per page (with thanks to a grant from the NEA), $100 for cover art, plus two copies of the issue in which the work appears and a one-year subscription.

SUBMISSION FEE: $3 prose, $2 poetry, $2 NER Digital

NOTES: "New England Review encourages artistic exchange and thought-provoking innovation, while also providing publishing opportunities to writers at all stages in their careers. The selection of writings in each issue presents a broad spectrum of viewpoints and genres, including traditional and experimental fiction, translations in poetry and prose, criticism, letters from abroad, reviews in arts and literature, and rediscoveries. New England Review exists in a place apart from mass culture, where speed and information overload are the norm. Serious writing is given serious attention, from the painstaking selection process through careful editing and publication, where finally the writer's words meet up with a curious and dedicated readership."

FORMS: fiction, poetry, nonfiction, drama, translation, creative writing


Contemporary Verse 2

DEADLINE: May 31, 2016

PAYMENT: Poetry: $30 per poem

Interviews: $50-$100, depending upon length

Articles: $50-$100, depending upon length

Essays: $40-$150, depending upon length

Reviews: $20-$75, depending upon length


NOTES: "Contemporary Verse 2 is a quarterly literary journal that publishes poetry and critical writing about poetry, including interviews, articles, essays, and reviews. It is our policy to publish new writing by both emerging and established poets. The writing we encourage reflects a diversity representing a range of social and cultural experience along with literary excellence."

FORMS: poetry and critical writing about poetry, including interviews, articles, essays, and reviews


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