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Three of my poems published in Verse-Virtual’s September issue

It’s always a pleasure to be published along side so many amazing poets in Verse-Virtual, and September’s issue is no exception. This issue includes three of my poems. Click here to read “The things I've done do not define the person I am,” “Blue Daydream,” and “Wouldn't a flyswatter be easier.”

Make sure not to miss the exquisite work of Laurie Kolp, Emily Strauss, and Barry Yeoman, among so many others! Really a great issue.

To learn more about the Verse-Virtual family read the editor’s note.

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  1. Hello, I was trying to find a way to send a message since Facebook would not let me do it. Anyway, I submitted a few poems to Iron Horse but accidentally uploaded one to Fiction instead of Poetry. I tried to go back but couldn’t. Also, because I was having trouble uploading, and I’d go back to the cover letter to list the poem’s name, I may have also included the wrong name for one (the one I’d intended to upload to begin with) but uploaded a different one. Like I said, I’m recovering from a big stroke and my brain is still healing and messes up a lot. I’ll be reading your poetry below. Regards, Martina

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