Call for Submissions

PAYING/NO FEE Submission Call – Third Point Press, DEADLINE: Dec. 1, 2015

Third Point Press is a new literary online mag looking for your poetry, prose, and art that challenges the norm. “First off: You won't find any of that flowery, useless ‘we want your best’ junk here. Not even the ‘we want stories that make us stop mid-step and remember a day when the water looked just like a dream’ or any of that nonsense. Let's say exactly what we mean to say. Let's help each other out, here. . . .”

Their detailed submission guidelines give writers specifics to help select the best work that fits. Specifically for poetry, “We want poetry that experiments, that isn't so reverent to avoid popular culture. We want jaw dropping moments and poets/writers who take risks.”

Standard submissions are free, but they also offer (for a very small $5 fee) faster turn-around time and a critique of your work (for only $3).

Click here to read their detailed submission guidelines.

DEADLINE: December 1, 2015


FORMS: Poetry, Fiction, Art, etc.

PAYMENT: TBD based on fundraiser


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