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Poems That Will Stop You, Beg for Re-Reading, Pull You in Close

My review of Berkeley Poetry Review’s Spring issue just went up on The Review Review! Earlier this year I sent a request to join the ranks of the literary reviewers on their site and this is the second lit mag they’ve sent me to read and write about. Meaning, not only did it give me motivation to read a new lit mag from cover to cover, but I received it for no cost!

bprBerkeley Poetry Review is currently open for submissions until January 15, 2016. “While we accept great poetry of any kind, we are particularly interested in work that complicates prevailing conceptions of race, gender, ecology, and poetic form itself. Is your work attempting to start a dialogue? To enter into conversation? To push? Send it our way.”


Click here to submit to Berkeley Poetry Review.

If you aren’t familiar with The Review Review, set aside an hour or two with a glass of your favorite adult beverage and check out the amazing amounts of information they provide. Including:

  • Reviews of lit mags and journals
  • A directory of magazines with detailed summaries and links
  • Interviews with a variety of editors, writers, etc.
  • Tons of articles on publishing tips
  • Calls for submissions and other writing related classifieds

Here’s a snippet from my review:

The poems in Berkeley Poetry Review are shaped to be viewed from a distance and then meant for zooming in, for studying each line break, each enjambment, and each punctuation mark to discover its purpose. The poems place themselves in varying ways upon the page, some scattered, some aligned, some moving, and some still.

Read my complete review of Berkeley Poetry Review here:

Poems That Will Stop You, Beg for Re-Reading, Pull You in Close

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