Poetry/Writing Prompts

Need poetry/writing prompts? Check out this list compiled by Bernadette Mayer . . .

The Poetry Foundation describes Bernadette Mayer as "an avant-garde writer associated with the New York School of poets . . . known for her innovative use of language." The list starts with journaling ideas and then continues with a HUGE list of writing experiments. Scroll down about a page to get to those.

Click here to view Bernadette Mayer’s Writing Experiments

mayerHere are a few of my favorites:

  • "Take an idea, anything that interests you, or an object, then spend a few days looking and noticing, perhaps making notes on what comes up about that idea, or, try to create a situation or surrounding where everything that happens is in relation."
  •  "Write the poem: Ways of Making Love. List them."
  • "Turn a list of the objects that have something to do with a person who has died into a poem or poem form, in homage to that person."
  • "Write household poems-about cooking, shopping, eating and sleeping."

You can read her poetry in the Eclipse archive, as well as the work of several other authors, here.

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