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My poem "Dis-ease" plus my son's artwork published in Verse-Virtual's January issue

It’s always a pleasure to be published along side so many amazing poets in Verse-Virtual, and January’s issue is no exception. This issue is particularly important because it not only includes my blank verse poem “Dis-ease” but is accompanied by the drawing my son Skyler created to go along with the poem.
The drawing and poem are part of a chapbook collaboration entitled Emissions (read it online for free) that we worked on together back in 2012. This poem has taken on new meaning to me after Skyler, now 22, has faced and overcome what was likely the most difficult experience of his life. Last July, he was hit by a pickup truck while riding his bicycle in downtown Salt Lake City and suffered several severe injuries, including multiple skull fractures. After over two weeks in the hospital, and a couple of months of physical therapy, he has almost completely recovered, moved back to his apartment, and is back to work. Skyler has always been a thoughtful, conscientious, and kind person, but his strength, patience and ability to heal with such grace was amazing even to me, his mother.
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  1. So glad Skyler survived and is thriving. I wanted to congratulate you, too, for being included in was it the Alice in Wonderland book. The color cover was just beautiful. You will continue to inspire me to send more stuff out in 2016!!! Much happiness, Trish'
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