You Could Be a Featured Fem!

The Fem interviewed me back in March and it was a great experience! You can read my interview here: https://thefemlitmagazine.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/featured-friday-meet-trish-hopkinson/


femfeatured_imageWe want feminist writers/artists! 

Every Monday & Friday we post an interview with writers we want to showcase. So far we’ve interviewed Sheila McMullin, Caseyrenée Lopez, Lora MathisGurkeyrith, Amy Butcher, Ramna Safeer, Sophia E. Terazawaand so many other amazing authors and artists. Not only do we celebrate the writers we feature, but this is also a chance for them to promote their work and inspire others.

If you’d like to be included in our project, or know someone we should reach out to, send an email to femfeatured@gmail.com.

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  1. Dear Trish
    i am sorry , i tried to e mail this but the e mail address did not work.

    I have just looked at your site and would be very interested in being interviewed.
    I have read your poems and really loved them , particularly ‘I am oldest’ which made me nearly made me cry.
    My book is on Amazon and is called ‘Free to be Tegan’. It about a woman who is cast out of the cult she has been brought up in . It is about her learning to live in a world she has been taught is evil. the story is partly autobiogrphical but also based on a lot of research into cults and mind control. it is , i hope . lightly written as i wanted to write about something difficult in an accessable way I’ve had good feedback from lots of people. one of the main themes is about someone taking control of her own life.

    With Best Wishes
    Mary Grand

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