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My poem "Crimes of Compassion" published alongside gorgeous artwork by W. Jack Savage in Window Cat Press

crimesSo pleased to have my found poem “Crimes of Compassion” published this week by Window Cat Press in their Winter 2016 issue! There’s nothing like a beautiful journal that pairs poems with artwork, and Window Cat does exactly that. I’m honored to have this found poem on the same page with W. Jack Savage‘s painting “Escape from Lurigancho.”
This poem was created as part of the Oulipost project I participated in for National Poetry Month in 2014 for The Found Poetry Review. The project was challenging, since all poems created were found poems from my local paper The Salt Lake Tribune. This particular poem was created using a constraint requiring all key words (nouns, verbs, etc.) start with the same letter. For more information on the Oulipo poetry philosophy, see the article on “A Brief Guide to OULIPO.”
Window Cat Press will reopen for submissions in a few days on March 1.

Click here for Window Cat Press submission guidelines.

Submissions: Re-opening on March 1, 2016

Submission Fee: NONE

Payment: NONE


"Here, we encourage innovation. Play with form! Celebrate the ways our lives intertwine via the Internet, and bring the fun back to creative expression. Free to submit to and access, Window Cat Press offers a place for young, emerging artists to share quality work as diverse as our audience. We publish a variety of media: cross-genre, collaborations, slam, etc. in addition to more traditional and widely-accepted forms."

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