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Submit to Experimental Poetry/Art Magazines Using Selby's List

Selby’s List is an international list of lit mags who are open to experimental poetry and art submissions. The extensive list is international and you can view listings for the following regions:

The lists and page are now managed by Jon Henson, a professor and writing and development manager, but were originally created by Spencer Selby in 1993. He describes his motivation for the project on the About page:
“I started Selby's List of Experimental Poetry/Art Magazines in 1993, in response to what I felt was a serious need. The original goal was to supply reliable up-to-date info about innovative poetry magazines in the U.S. This quickly expanded, first to include all English speaking countries and then the world. Originally Selby's List was a single sheet of letter size paper, covered with small print front and back. This was a freely circulating document that poets were encouraged to reproduce and give to others. This document came out every two or three months and it became quite popular, at least with young and emerging innovative poets. Especially those who were not well-connected appreciated the list. The idea was to open up info about serial publishing activity in what had been a fairly insulated section of the poetry world. The word "art" was added to the list name mainly because of artistic activity that innovative poets had been associated with, such as Visual Poetry, Mail Art and Fluxus. To that list would now be added forms of digital art, asemic writing and glitch art.”
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