Anything and everything poetry–check out this extensive resource on textetc.com

Trish Hopkinson

This poetry site has everything! Set aside some time to browse textetc.com and it’s in depth listings, resources, workshop exercises, and more. The Resources page alone can keep you intrigued for hours. It includes detailed pages devoted to the following topics:

  • Poetry Online – ezine directories and other online poetry sites
  • Poetry Resources – tons of listings of resources for poets, including online dictionaries, libraries, glossaries, philosophy, grammar, literary theory, teaching poetry, news, reviews, publishers, advice, software, and more.
  • Workshops – a list of online workshop resources for on- and off-line workshops, but also, don’t miss textetc.com “workshop” page, which provides a plethora of lessons and poetry writing exercises. Not a bad place to start for expanding your poetry chops!
  • Bibliography – an extensive list of the references cited on the site. A reading list of sorts.
  • Publishing – this page is divided into several sections and topics…

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