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My poem "Notes from Owl Bar's Diary" published in Volatile When Mixed + how to find a writers' group in your state!

volatilewhenmixedI am so excited to have my poem “Notes from Owl Bar’s Diary” published in this year’s beautiful print anthology by The League of Utah Writers. You can read my poem below or purchase the book here.

“This collection of poetry and prose by up-and-coming authors explores moments of change–large and small–and the chain reactions that result from them.”

The League of Utah Writers is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering friendship, education, and encouragement to the poets and writers of Utah. If you’re a Utah poet or writer, check out their web site to see how to join a chapter!
If you’re not in Utah (most of my followers are not), then check out Writer’s Relief’s great listing by state of all the writers’ groups and associations.
A writers/poetry group often offer resources, workshopping, regular meetings and events, as well as contests and publication. Plus, they help expand your writing community and meet other writers.

owlbar“Notes from Owl Bar’s Diary” is a poem I wrote to tell the story of how the Owl Bar came to rest at the Sundance Resort. The bar is a great place for local music, food and cocktails, and running into folks I enjoy hanging out with. It’s a fabulous spot to relax during the Sundance film festival and to sometimes spot someone famous.

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  1. Congrats Trish! I've always wanted to go to Sundance. I think you said in one of your posts that you volunteer for the event every year. Driving across the country a few years back, I stopped in Park City for a night, which was fun. A friend who owns a place where I take pole dancing classes, sold her house in the exclusive suburb of Los Gatos, here in Northern California, is renting an apartment here and paid cash for a 5 bedroom place in St. George, Utah, I believe it's called. She loves it, escapes there for long week-ends here and there and will eventually retire there. Happy Friday, Trish!
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