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"Online Lit Mag Features All-Inclusive Roster of Writers" —— My review of The Boiler in The Review Review

My review of The Boiler’s Fall 2016 issue just went up on The Review Review! Just last year I sent a request to join the ranks of the literary reviewers on their site and this is the fourth lit mag they’ve asked me to read and write about. The first two were print issues, meaning, not only did it give me motivation to read a new lit mag from cover to cover, but I received them for no cost!
If you aren’t familiar with The Review Review, set aside an hour or two with a glass of your favorite adult beverage and check out the amazing amounts of information they provide. Including:

  • Reviews of lit mags and journals
  • A directory of magazines with detailed summaries and links
  • Interviews with a variety of editors, writers, etc.
  • Tons of articles on publishing tips
  • Calls for submissions and other writing related classifieds

Here’s a snippet from my review:

Other poems speak of bodies, cities and homes, herons and beetles, coming of age and personal myths, tweets and texts, fortune cookies, and rituals. Make sure not to miss a stunning triplet of poems by Katie Longofono about "the virus" that tell how it was first contracted, shared, and kept secret:

we shed all over each other we virus
we unzip. Have you ever locked DNA
- what a foolish plan to shoot to miss.

I enjoyed the prose as well--wonderfully worded with well-developed characters and believability within a range of topics. I found Linda Boroff's short fiction piece relatable and realistic; it reads more like creative nonfiction than fiction to me. I particularly liked the imagery she used and quickly found myself immersed in the story.

Read my complete review of The Boiler here:

Online Lit Mag Features All-Inclusive Roster of Writers


winter17_boilerThe Boiler is currently open for submissions. Their deadline is coming up quick. They read quarterly and you can view upcoming deadlines on their submissions guidelines page.

Click here to submit to The Boiler.

DEADLINE: Feb. 15, 2017
NOTES: "Quite simply, The Boiler is looking for great poetry. Poetry from hungry writers with something to say. Lyricism that refuses to sit still on the tongue and brood in the mind. Lines that hold both risk and precision. We want to feel."
FORMS:  Poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and artwork

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