Call for Submissions

Free Writing Contests

Big thanks to Creative Talents Unleashed for including my blog as a reference for free writing contests. There are some other great resources listed as well.

Creative Talents Unleashed

typewriter-801921_960_720At Creative Talents Unleashed, we never charge an entry fee for our writing contests. Writers are already struggling to make ends meet, so it seems indecent to charge each poet for submissions. All the proceeds from the anthologies we put together for these contests go into our Starving Artist Fund, so that we can help poets publish their very own book when they are ready. Getting into one of our anthologies is also a step into getting your name into the world of writing.

There are many other contests out there that do not require a submission fee. Do your research to find them in any genre. And make sure you read all the contest rules carefully, because one small error will be grounds for rejection. Here are a few to get you started:

Ron Hubbard’s – Writers of the Future.

If you love to write science fiction and…

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