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Journals That Publish Poetry Book Reviews by Diane Lockward

A big thank you to Diane Lockward for posting such a great list on her poetry blog! (It’s one less list for me to create.) The list provides links to each journal, frequency of publication, and reading periods.

“Here is a list of journals, print and online, that publish unsolicited reviews of poetry books. I hope it will encourage you to write and submit reviews.” 

 Journals That Publish Poetry Book Reviews


You may also want to check out her recent publication The Crafty Poet II, a poetry workshop book with prompts and lessons meant to inspire poets.

“A poetry tutorial to inform and inspire poets. Model poems with prompts, writing tips, and interviews contributed by fifty-six poets, including thirteen former and current state Poets Laureate. Sample poems from an additional forty-five poets. Geared for experienced poets and aspiring poets. Guaranteed to break through any writer’s block.” 

You can read more about Diane Lockward on her Poetry Foundation page or on her web site.

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