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Making Poetry Pay: Five Ways to Increase Your Poetry Income by Erika Dreifus via AWP

Excellent tips in this article by fellow poet and blogger Erika Dreifus on the AWP web site last month. She reflects on her experience tracking funds she received for poetry submissions in 2016 while participating in Jessica Piazza's Poetry Has Value project and provides the five ways she learned to increase poetry income, including info on how to:

  • Send your work to publications that pay for poetry.
  • Send your work to publications that don't charge you fees to do so.
  • Adopt the "Aim for 100 Rejections A Year" strategy.
  • Look beyond "literary magazines."
  • Keep good records--and follow up (politely).

Read the complete article on AWP here.

Big thanks to Dreifus for sharing her personal experience and putting together this helpful article!

Erika Dreifus is the author of Quiet Americans: Stories, which was named an ALA/Sophie Brody Medal Honor Title for outstanding achievement in Jewish literature. Erika is currently at work on her first full-length poetry manuscript. Since 2004, she has published The Practicing Writer, a free and popular e-newsletter for poets, fictionists, and writers of creative nonfiction. She lives in New York City. Web:; Twitter: @ErikaDreifus.


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