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Want to aim high? 20 respected lit mags to submit to via Authors Publish (updated 10/2/2017)

This list from Authors Publish is the cream of the crop–the envy of all creative writers when it comes to dream lit mags or journals where they’d like to see their work published. Have I submitted to some of these? Yes. Have I been rejected? Of course. You’ve probably heard the stories of writers who kept all their rejection letters from coveted magazines and wallpapered their bathrooms with them. Most rejections come electronically these days, but why not plan to receive one from each of these 20? Take the risk, send them your best work. Set a goal to receive a certain number of rejections each year–the benefit is, it will push you to keep submitting–and somewhere along the line, one of your poems may just be the right fit.

And now for the list! Big thanks to Emily Harstone for doing the research and creating such a great resource, as well as big thanks to Authors Publish for sharing the article on their resourceful site!

20 Respected Literary Journals and Magazines that Publish Creative Writing

Harstone includes a brief description of each publisher and a link to their web site. Note that not all of these markets are currently open for submissions. None of them charge fees to submit. Also note Harstone’s comments regarding this limited list, “We limited this list to 20 literary journals and magazines. There are lots of great respected and established literary journals that are not on this list and do not charge submission fees, but we didn't want to overwhelm anyone. Because of that reason, there are no publishers that focus on genre writing (like or Shimmer) on this list.”


If you don’t already subscribe to Authors Publish, do so while you’re there. Authors Publish is a completely free magazine for writers and includes submission opportunities, publishing tips, writing advice, prompts, and more.

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