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A List of Resources for Writers via Pen & Paper Writing Workshops

This great list of online resources curated by the folks at Pen & Paper Writing Workshops includes 9 sites I often frequent myself for places to submit, writing tips, prompts, etc. including my own blog! Special thanks to P&P for listing me among these other fine sites.

“Here’s a list of resources that we use on a regular basis. These websites have proven to help us in many of our writing endeavors. This is not, necessarily, a definitive list--there are hundreds of these types of resources available out there--but these are the ones that we follow, or read, or use the most.”

Pen & Paper Writing Workshops provides weekly writing tips and resources on their blog and a variety of online writing classes and one-on-one consultations for fiction, nonfiction, and screenplay writing at reasonable prices through their web site. “We're a community of writers at all levels here at Pen & Paper Writing Workshops. Our community is wholly important to us. Come, join us. Let us teach you. Learn from us. Learn with us. Most importantly--write with us!”

For more writing resources, check out my Writing Resources category with all previous writing resources related posts.

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  1. Hey Trish!

    Awakened Voices has a new submission open through the end of the month for writing. Would you be willing to post our journal submission link again?

    Best, Jeri

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