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Rejection Story Call + Being a Savvy Submitter by Nausheen Eusuf via Submittable's blog

Excellent primer to submitting up on Submittable’s blog by Nausheen Eusuf with tips on how to research and evaluate lit mags and journals for reputation and fit.
Submittable’s blog is chock full of great posts including submission related posts, winner announcements, writing prompts, and more! Not only that, but you can submit to be published on their blog! They are “interested in sharing your work about creativity, the publishing industry, and/or digital media.”
Make sure to sign up for their weekly newsletter, including “a free hand-picked list of opportunities for writers, filmmakers, and artists.”
For October our friends at Submittable are also calling for your Rejection Horror Stories!

“Did your ‘decline’ ghost find its way to you after years in hiding? Were you rejected at a particularly inopportune time by a gremlin wishing you the most insincere good luck? Did said gremlin misspell your name?
Share your horror in any form at all―we’ll even consider (gasp) poems. Fiction is also just fine since this is, after all, a holiday of inventive disguise. The rejection doesn’t have to be writerly but extra points for litmag-submission-related fright. Looking forward to it and thanks for taking part.”

Click here to read submission guidelines.

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