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44 Feminist Literary Magazines & Journals

Updated January 2019.

In past years for National Women’s Equality Day, I spent some time compiling a list of feminist lit mags and journals and have recently updated the list! You can support these organizations by sharing, reading, submitting to, or donating. Submit your feminist writing and/or contribute in any way you can:

  • share on social media
  • read them regularly
  • submit using the tip jar options when possible
  • donate when appropriate if possible

Feminist Lit Mags and Journals

What is a feminist lit mag? A feminist lit mag or journal publishes writing that supports equality across all gender identities and acknowledges the lack thereof. They try to support and encourage work from minorities, such as women, LGBTQ, and people of color.

Per my interview with The Fem in 2015, I personally define feminism as "being fair and just. Feminism is not an ideology that should be used to condemn any one way of thinking, but rather to communicate, educate, and broaden the perspectives of those who are treating others unjustly." Therefore, "feminist writing can be any writing that either celebrates diversity or undertakes the hard topics of social justice."

The listings below seem to fit the definitions above as feminist lit mags or journals. If you feel that any of these don't belong on this list for whatever reason, please let me know and I'm happy to investigate. They are listed alphabetically; some are currently accepting submissions, some are temporarily closed. I've also included whether or not it is a paying market and a link to their Duotrope page, which will allow you to track deadlines if you currently subscribe to Duotrope. These lit mags/journals also fit the following criteria:

  • Generally do not charge fees to submit (although some may charge fees for some types of submissions and for contests).
  • They accept poetry submissions.
  • All accept electronic submissions.
Lit Mag/Journal Payment Duotrope
Adanna None
Lady/Liberty/Lit None
As Us: A Space for Women of the World None
Bone Bouquet None
Canthius $5/page; free copy
Contemporary Verse 2 $30/poem; $20 – $150/prose; 2 free copies
Crab Fat None
For the Sonorous None
Hysterical $50/group of poems or prose
La Vague Journal unknown n/a
Lavender Review None
Les Femmes Folles Books (anthologies) None
Lilith Paying, unknown $
Literary Mama None
Luna Luna None
Mezzo Cammin None
Minola Review None
Mslexia £25/piece
Mom Egg Review None
Not Very Quiet None n/a
OyeDrum None n/a
Paper Darts None
Persimmon Tree (women writers over 60) None
Pretty Owl None
Rogue Agent None
Room Magazine $50 – $100/no. of pages
So To Speak None
Storyscape None
Sugared Water None
Tender None n/a
The Offing  $20 – $50/form
Thrush None
Tinderbox Poetry Journal None
VoiceCatcher None
Whale Road Review None
Wicked Alice None
WomenArts Quarterly Journal None
Zoetic Press/NonBinary Review $.01/word for fiction/nonfiction


$25/visual art

If you have suggestions/updates for lit mags/journals I've missed, please contact me here or leave a comment below.If you like this post, please share with your writerly friends and/or follow my blog or like my Facebook page. You can see all the FREE resources my blog offers poets/writers on my Blog Tour page. 

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