My session "Submit Your Writing Like a Pro" is now available! – free registration

My session is now available! If you’ve already registered you should have the email already and if you haven’t, you can still register!

Click here to sign up for free!

It's easy to come along. You don't need to pack a bag, travel halfway around the world, find a sitter for your kids (or pets), or even leave your home. You get a writer’s retreat that will fit around your schedule and best of all, it is my gift to you. It doesn't cost you a dime.
If one of your 2019 goals is to finally finish your book, or you need some extra guidance, or wanting to try something new and have some fun - join us at Finding the Writer Within!
There are nine speakers and once you are registered, you’ll receive an email each day of the event from August 5 – 14 with a link to view one of the presentations. You can view each day’s presentation any time that day at your leisure. You’ll also be invited to the Finding the Writer Within private Facebook group. Click here to see all nine speakers.
Reserve your spot in the event here: https://httpslink.com/TrishHopkinson
You can read more from the Finding the Writer Within founder Sage Adderley-Knox in her recent guest blog post:

Writing Past the Inner Critic

The event is fun and free. I set up a schedule where I feature one session each day of the event. People who register receive a daily email with the speaker's video so they can watch it at their leisure. I had around ten speakers on the first Finding the Writer Within event and then the second one grew to sixteen speakers. The event also spread out into other online workshops for writers. Right now, I'm working on a bonus summer edition of Finding the Writer Within. It's become an annual project of mine.
My mission with Finding the Writer Within is to provide an online platform where writers of poetry and prose can learn about subject matter that will help them in their writing projects, while also joining a community of other creatives from the comfort of their home. Not everyone has the time, finances, or accessibility to travel, and so this provides an interactive experience without the pressure.

Sage Adderley-Knox is amazing at helping writers on their self-publishing journey. She has 15 years of self-publishing and book marketing experience. She is passionate about writing, teaching, and networking with other creative people.
Since 2004, Sage has been distributing and publishing zines, magazines, and books through Sweet Candy Distro & Press. Her writing has been featured in Print Magazine, Skin & Ink Magazine, and Yahoo. Sage loves coaching and traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond to lead zine and writing workshops at various high schools, colleges, and universities. She is currently working on the final book in her young adult trilogy!
Learn more about Sage's coaching program and marketing services on her website: https://www.sageadderleyknox.com

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