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10 Free online poetry classes/workshops

Regardless of whether or not you have acquired a formal education that included poetry, poetry exercises and workshops with other poets can be invaluable in finding new approaches, discovering new poets, and honing your craft. Below is a list of poetry workshops that are free online. If you don't mind some monetary investment, there are some fine paid workshops ($150 – $350) online as well--generally small class sizes that run several weeks with lots of personal feedback and instruction. I'll mention my favorites here: The Poetry Barn, Wychwood Writers Workshop, and The Loft all have excellent instructors and I've enjoyed and learned so much from the courses I've taken.

Free Online Poetry Classes/Workshops

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  1. THanks for these! I thought I’d share reviews of 2 cpurse that I’ve taken in the last week or so:

    The first week of the FutureLearn course is very low level — sort what I did at primary school. It does get a better in week 3 (it’s a three week course, but I did it in one). As of July 2020, there are no moderators in the discussions, which is a pity.

    The Coursera course “Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop” is very engaging and I’m learning a lot. I’m writing new poems I might not have written otherwise. They DO have moderators in the discussions. I love the tutor!

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