Poetry Prompt: ARS POETICA via Joey Gould

Make sure to follow poet Joey Gould’s new weekly poetry prompts. The detailed prompts are more like a workshop and a great resource!

Joey Gould -- Poetry


In the first case, one may find it helpful to clarify what they would like to write before they start writing. I’d like to commence these weekly offerings with a declaration of philosophy, a poetic mission statement—an Ars Poetica.

The idea of Ars Poetica (The Art of Poetry) comes from Horace, a Roman poet born in 65 BCE (Poets.org). He wrote his Ars Poetica near the end of his life; it functions as a manifesto of his own poetic style, preferences & mislikes. He advises: “You, that write, either follow tradition, or invent such fables as are congruous to themselves.” I like the idea that we can either follow traditional forms & semiology or make new myths, but we must at every turn consciously decide to follow or deviate from the paths of our forebears. Do you think poetry is…

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