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Suggestions on How We Can Do Better via Creative Nonfiction's Sunday Short Reads

This is an incredible list from The Creative Nonfiction Foundation via their email series Sunday Short Reads, including suggestions for how we can do better and make our society more just, equitable, empathetic, and inclusive. There’s so much information being shared, I appreciate this list of key articles, organizations, and links. Follow the links below to read more and take action if you are able.

“The Creative Nonfiction Foundation pursues educational and publishing initiatives in the genre of literary nonfiction. Its objectives are to provide a venue, through the magazine Creative Nonfiction, as well as through the In Fact Books imprint, for high quality nonfiction prose (memoir, literary journalism, personal essay); to serve as the singular strongest voice of the genre, defining the ethics and parameters of the field; and to broaden the genre’s impact in the literary arena by providing an array of educational services and publishing activities.”





The SUNDAY SHORT READS is a weekly email series that features short works from the archives of Creative NonfictionBrevitySweet LitRiver Teeth, and Brain, Child, as well as occasional original works. You can read the past issues here.

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