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Big Little Places: Presses and Magazines w/ Under 5K Likes on Twitter – guest post by Caleb Jordan

This list grew out of my curiosity over literary magazines and Twitter followers and grew into a list to help people find places to submit and to create community. New, exciting avenues for online lit are popping up all the time. All the information in this list is up to date as of August 16, 2021. For this list, I focused on publishers with under 5K followers on Twitter, with a few exceptions. The words in quotations are taken directly from the websites of the journals, the words in brackets are my own comments trying to make sure everything is clear. This list is not the end all be all, but I hope it can help guide folks to find places for their work. I hope that people use the Twitter followers as a way to find lesser known or newer places that are publishing good work. I began by looking at the Twitter following list for petrichor, a magazine for which I am an editor. Seth and I expanded the last over the last few days, and feel this is a good start. All of the links are to the homepage of the journal except for those without websites, which are linked instead to the Twitter accounts.

This is intended as a working document, to be revised indefinitely. It is already incomplete and we do not claim it to be comprehensive. Our hope is that this list will be used as a sustained resource for writers new & experienced alike, in the search for the best possible homes for their creative work.

Best of luck in your submissions and for new writers, welcome to the community.

–Caleb Jordan

Big Little Places: Presses and Magazines w/ Under 5K Likes on Twitter

1913Press – 2,133 followers (“Publishing the baddest in poetry, poetics, prose, & their intersections with the arts of all forms.”)

86 Logic – 104 followers (“A quarterly ‘zine of poetry, fiction, illustration, photography, and articles. // Featuring artists with origins in the hospitality industry.”)

The87press – 2,556 followers (“A small press, publishing collective, events organiser. We publish experimental literatures from neurodivergents, queers, and people of colour.”)

Abalone Mountain Press – 83 followers (“Abalone Mountain Press is a Diné womxn owned press located. We are a indigiqueer, trans, non-binary, Black Indigenous, Indigenous feminist friendly press.”)

Acropolis Journal – 1,318 followers (“Home for temples, ruins, darkness and myth. We love all kinds of poetry, but are particularly drawn to dark, emotional pieces.”)

Afternoon Visitor – 641 followers (“We are an online quarterly publication of poetry, hybrid text, visual poetry, and visual art.”)

Agapanthus Collective – 1,742 followers (“We seek to publish the unheard, the weird, the comforting, the loved, and the disquiet. Abolish the Police.”)

Alien Buddha Press – 2,249 Followers (publishes poetry in zine form, also publishes on a blog [submission guidelines seem to be put onto facebook and their pinned tweet]

Allium: A Journal of Poetry & Prose – 164 followers (“We are about inclusion—representing the range and diversity of writers’ voices. We believe the art of writing is an exploration—of a complex and evolving world.”)

Always Crashing – 2,028 Followers (based out of Chicago and Pittsburgh, publishes “fiction, poetry, collage text, visual collage, video, labyrinths, manifestos, the generically transgressive, and nonfiction (though we prefer not to be told if it is nonfiction”)

Ample Remains – 2,287 Followers (publishes poetry, fiction, cnf and “everything in-between”, shorter pieces are preferred but not required)

Analogies & Allegories Literary Magazine – 3,112 followers (Publishes poetry, flash fiction, visual art and photography. Has themed issues.)

Anamorphoseis – 961 Followers (publishes experimental, concrete and visual poetry, “we aim to be home to the unpublishable, to poetry that is not poetry”)

ang(st) – 2,779 followers (“Intersectional transnational queer feminist art. We like to rage and talk about our bodies”)

Angel Rust – 43 Followers (“Queer-led Lit Journal that accepts poetry, fiction, and non-fiction”)

Annulet: A Journal of Poetics – 574 followers (“An online journal featuring literary criticism, poetry, and prose. New forum for closely reading.”)

The Argyle – 2,130 Followers (publishes short fiction, essays, interviews, reviews, articles, art, and poetry)

Arrowsmith Press – 1,568 Followers (publishes translations, poetry, and prose, also has a series of online columns exploring the relationship between literature and the world)

aurora – 626 followers (“Online literary and art magazine. made by womxn, for the universe”)

Authora Australis – 721 Followers (based out of Australia, published poetry and fiction)

Ayaskala – 2,550 followers (“An arts organisation and literary magazine trying to build a community and a safe space for conversations around mental health.”)

The Bable Tower Notice Board– 2,978 Followers (based out of England, publishes visual art, poetry, and prose)

Baffling Magazine – 1,091 followers (“A quarterly magazine of speculative flash stories with a queer bent.”)

beestung – 1,992 followers (“A quarterly micro-magazine of non-binary & two-spirit writers that’s sweet & stings”)

Beir Bua Journal – 2,082 (Based out of Ireland, focuses on avant-garde poetry and experimental works, “preferably no ‘I’ or narrative”)

Bengaluru Review – 150 followers (Literary magazine out of Bengaluru, India.)

The Birdseed – 877 Followers (“book blog and flash fiction magazine…micro-reviews of books [150 words or less]”)

the bitter fruit review– 1,406 Followers (“reject minimalism”, “accepts all form of art”)

Black Cat Magazine– 3,339 Followers (“A press and magazine for revolutionary speculative art, poetry & fiction.” Publishes the Anarchist Poetry Project.]

Bluebird – followers (“”)

BOMBFIRE – 1,446 Followers (publishes visual art, poetry, and flash fiction)

Burning Jade Magazine – 1,535 followers (publishes poetry, essays, visual art, screenplays, and music)

Calamari Archive, Ink– 394 followers (“Calamari is a repository of literature, art+music”, publishes “anything that can be embedded on a webpage.”)

Call Me [Brackets] – 201 Followers (publishes poetry, prose, and visual art)

Cape Magazine – 1,270 Followers (publishes poetry, prose, and visual arts of all kinds)

Catatonic Daughters – 614 followers (“Writing by & about strange women. Publishing poetry, prose, CNF & visual art.”)

Catchwater – 713 followers (“The goal is to collect art of all kinds, to be channeled onto this digital gallery and shared with readers. We aim to support emerging artists as well as longtime creators.”)

celestite poetry: poetry journal for the angels – 771 Followers (accepts poetry but is interested in all kinds of submissions, “our editor-in-chief is katie proctor, a non-binary, lesbian poet from yorkshire, england”)

Cerasus Press– 457 Followers (based out of the UK, “a small press publisher of contemporary verse”)

Chapter House Journal – 238 followers (“Chapter House Journal promotes the ideals and vision of the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) Low Residency MFA Program”)

Clover and White Lit Mag – 2,200 (“An online Literary Magazine for emerging & underrepresented authors”)

Cobra Milk – 2,929 followers (online media & art journal, sometimes in print)

Coffin Bell – a journal of dark literature – 4,222 Followers (publishes “poetry, flash fiction, short stories, and cnf exploring dark themes” [not necessarily horror but it sounds like that would be acceptable too]

co•im•press – 711 followers (“A collaborative, cooperative, immediate micropress dedicated to publishing estranged, transgressive, or unpublishable texts by unsung authors.”)

The Comments Section – 326 (Focuses on submissions of and about new media)

Cordella Press – 1,331 followers (“Intersectional feminist press featuring womxn+ creatives, online and print ? magazine, broadsides, chapbooks”)

COSY – 920 Followers (publishes articles and artwork, they have guides as to what they are looking for but it seems you can write about almost anything)

Crested Tit Collective – 1,209 (“The Crested Tit Collective is an international community of poets working and performing across the UK and Singapore. The CTC is interested in innovative, feminist, and ecological poetics.”)

Crunch Ion August Review – 491 Followers (poetry and short stories, seems to print a copy than host online and accepted submitters get 2 copies)

Cuento Magazine – 1,138 Followers (publishes short stories and poems that fit in a tweet, publishes all the work onto Twitter)

Cutleaf – 744 Followers (publishes cnf, fiction, and poetry from emerging and established writers)

DATABLEED – 1,974 (“Experimental online poetry zine”)

Dead Fern Press – 2,047 Followers (publishes poetry, flash fiction, cnf, and visual art)

Dead Skunk: A Lit Mag That Doesn’t Stink – 1,371 Followers (Fiction, CNF, Poetry, Flash, Hybrid)

Defunkt Magazine – 744 followers (“We are a magazine that showcases compelling, accessible, and culturally relevant work–anything the mainstream is ignoring we are likely into. We seek to offer an authentic reflection of the contemporary, and most importantly, to uplift marginalized peoples in a fascinating and brutally honest way.”)

Delicate Friend – 1,209 (“A new erotic lit and art mag by lovers, for lovers.”)

Dishsoap Quarterly – 2,277 (“Like dishsoap cleans all dishes, we accept all mediums!”)

Dis’Zine Publications – 253 Followers (the website is forthcoming, “quarterly publication created by & for disabled people”)

Dollar Store Magazine – 683 followers (“We aren’t the pub to send your best work to. We want your cringeworthy, embarrassing, “dollar store” writing.”)

Djed Press – 2,551 followers (“A publication by+for Bla(c)k creatives & other creatives of colour.”)

Dream Pop Press – 3,820 Followers (literary journal and small press, publishes poetry, speculative diary (with guidelines), visual art, and visual poetry/erasure)

Dutch Kills Press – 45 followers (“America’s finest e-books since 2014.”)

Ekphrasis Magazine – 515 Followers (focuses on ekphrastic art, publishes poems and prose in response to visual art and visual art in response to literary works)

Eponym Magazine – 999 followers (U.K. online lit and art magazine by and for young people.)

Equus Press – 2,245 Followers (“publish[es] new writing that is innovative & conscious of being doubly marginalized: outside the literary establishment defined by the Anglo-American publishing industry, & outside the confines of nationalism”)

E·ratio – 458 followers (“E·ratio publishes poetry in the postmodern idioms with an emphasis on the intransitive.  By “idioms” (plural) is meant a tolerance for variations.  By “postmodern” the absence of a hyphen.”)

Fairfield Scribes – Scribes*MICRO*Fiction – 4,478 Followers (small press publisher and a micro-fiction magazine)

Fahmidan Journal – 4,162 followers (“Supporting Women & BIPOC.”)

Farside Review – 1,281 followers (“literary magazine for emerging voices and rediscoveries of the familiar.”)

Fast Lit – 210 followers (“Online literary magazine for writing. We want your art that’s made behind closed doors, the ones about sex, money, and indescribable state of being.”)

Fat Cat Magazine – 2,295 Followers (based out of the UK, publishes flash fiction and poetry, prefers very short pieces)

Fault Lines Lit – 493 followers (“We’re a brand-new virtual zine by and for young creatives aimed at amplifying the voices of the historically excluded. We believe that being a little broken – having a few fault lines – is precisely what makes us beautiful.”)

Feral Dove Books – 361 followers (“Fireworks for humanity’s end. Submit visual writing + prose writing of all genres + short films.”)

The Fig Tree – 467 followers (“Poetry zine celebrating the voices of women”)

Flyover Country – Literature, Criticism, and Journalism from the Heartland – 1,259 Followers (publishes literature, criticism, journalism from the heartland [between the coasts] of the United States)

Flypaper – 3,481 followers (“Ohio-based. Interested in the eclectic and electric. Poems, prose, interviews, reviews.”)

Foglifter Journal and Press – 3,143 Followers (“created by and for LGBTQ+ writers and readers…with an emphasis on publishing those multi-marginalized (BIPOC, youth, elders, and people with disabilities”)

Fourteenpoems – 2,669 followers (“14 of the world’s best New Queer Poems”)

Free Lines Press– 253 Followers (based out of France, publishes books and chapbooks of experimental poetry, visual art, short stories, plays, cnf, photography of performing arts, and hybrid work)

Friday Nights Forever – 228 Followers (publishes poetry, fiction, and essays [atm of this writing they are working on publishing their first issue]

Fruit Bat Press – 1,052 Followers (based out of Chicago and Los Angeles, publishes hand-made poetry chapbooks)

Fugitives & Futurists – 556 Followers (publishes experimental prose pieces up to 3000 words)

Gap Riot Press – 1,183 followers (“Feminist experimental poetry micropress.”)

GASHER – 1,122 followers (“A literary and visual art journal and chapbook press.”)

Ghost Proposal – 1,481 followers (“Post-genre journal & small press.”)

Giving Room Mag – 2,417 Followers (publishes fiction, poetry, cnf, visual arts, articles, and interviews, prioritizes “BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, and women creatives”)

GLITCHHEAD – Miskatonic Virtual University Press – 179 Followers (“devoted to publishing developing theory”)

GLITCHWORDS – 2,690 followers (“a [micro]zine; edited by Kris Hines”)

The Global Youth Review – 1,934 Followers (publishes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and visual art, themed issues, prioritizes younger artists)

Goats Milk Magazine: Publishing the imperfect situations – 2,254 Followers (publishes monthly, publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, visual art, and photography, prioritizes submissions from Canadian artists)

Good River Review – 216 Followers (“published under the headings of prose, lyric and drama” because they encourage work that blurs definitions, also publishes book reviews, interviews, and essays on writing in between the two issues a year)

Gordon Square Review – 2,199 followers (“e offer editorial mentorships & spotlight NE Ohio writers.”)

Grasslimb – 304 followers (“International journal of art & literature (founded 2002) featuring poetry, prose, artwork, cartoons, & book & music reviews”)

Grieveland – 1,893 (“We publish books.”)

Half Empty Magazine – 674 followers (“Lit mag for creatives with a glass half empty.”)

Harpy Hybrid Review – 1,938 followers (“We seek works that are hybrid or cross-genre in form as well as visual art, including but not limited to prose poems, lyric essays, translations, song lyrics, diagrams, ekphrastic poems, multilingual work, broadsides, erasures, found poems, comics, collages, photography, etc.—not to be showy, but simply because they cannot be expressed in any other way.”)

HASH Journal – 841 followers (Accepts poetry, fiction, non-fiction, artwork, etc.)

Heartburn Review – 1,078 followers (“Lit mag specializing in ash, urns, & flammables. we want your most vulnerable & intense work!”)

The Hearth Magazine ( – 1,173 Followers (publishes poems, prose, and visual art, age gated to ages 13-25)

Here: a Poetry Journal – 156 followers (“A poetry journal published through Eastern Connecticut State University by Daniel Donaghy and his students.”)

HOLYFLEA! – 1,617 followers (“Online lit mag looking for weirdos who make weird things.”)

Homology Lit – 3,677 Followers (“online literary magazine for people of color, queer folks, and people with disabilities” accepts art, poetry, fiction, and CNF)

Honey Literary – 3,152 (“a BIPOC-focused 501(c)(3) literary arts organization built by women of color”)

hornedthings – 249 followers (“A Literary Journal for the Discerning Creature.” Website under construction.)

Hyades – 500 followers (“POC-run. We publish the best writing and fiction we see.”)

HyphenPunk – 575 followers (“A magazine that focuses on the human condition through the lens of the postmodern. Cyberpunk, steampunk, solarpunk, -punk.”)

Hypocrite Reader – 3,992 (“A biannual leftist magazine of useful, unexpected writing.” Pays with donations permitting.)

IceFloe Press – 2,930 followers (“We publish individual authors chapbooks micro-chaps full-length books anthologies print and web projects interviews & reviews poetry prose hybrids collaborations art visual poetry theory experiments narrative original new work by international author & creators”.)

Ice Lolly Review – 1,269 Followers (publishes flash fiction, poetry, and cnf, from writers aged 12-26)

Imperial Death Cult – 714 Followers (publishes poetry but seems to be open to other things if one can justify it being published for the particular theme)

The Incandescent Review – 717 followers (“A non-profit lit mag illuminating the voices of the youth (24 & below.”)

The Indianapolis Review – 1,412 followers (“An online quarterly publication featuring poetry, art, and visual poetry. We work to promote artists and writers from our region, but we also showcase work from around the country and the world.”)

The Indian Feminist Review – 1,386 Followers (focuses on feminist art from South Asia/South Asian folks, publishes poetry, prose, fiction, flash fiction, essays, illustrations, and photography)

Interstellar Literary Review – 3,085 Followers (poetry and prose pieces, “funky formatting and unique forms”)

In the Mood Magazine – 493 followers (“A pop culture journal about the things we like to watch.”)

Jet Fuel Review – 2,160 followers (“Award-winning biannual literary journal that publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art; faculty advisor Simone Muench”)

journal of erato – 1,536 Followers (publishes poetry, prose, cnf, and visual art, focuses on young/up-and-coming but is not limited to that)

Juke Joint – 1,449 followers (“Juke Joint publishes unconventional Southern (and non-Southern) poetry & art. Dig & be dug.”)

The Junebug Journal – 1,439 followers (“A platform for the creative arts community. Submissions open year-round”)

just femme & dandy – 804 followers (“Lit & art mag for & by queers+ on fashion.”)

Juven Press – 659 followers (“Seeking the unknown, unheard, and meaningful,” for writers 13 -25 years old)

Kallisto Gaia Press – A Literary Arts Non-Profit – 1,386 Followers (The Ocotillo Review and The Texas Poetry Calendar, Ocotillo publishes poetry, short fiction, cnf, and flash fiction, Texas Poetry Calendar publishes poems by poets from Texas)

Kalopsia Literary Journal – 1,170 (“A literary and arts journal run by high school and college students from all over the world who aim to promote art and writing among (seemingly) ordinary people.”)

KEITH LLC – 149 followers (Publishing cool new experimental work.)

Lanke Review – 1,777 followers (“Lanke [??] is a phrase describing the passing of years. We want words that take us through time, art that sweeps us away.”)

the lickety~split – 2,609 followers (only publishes poems that fit in a single tweet)

The Liminal Review – 1,599 Followers (“open to fiction, short prose, reviews, poetry, cnf, marginalia, and illustrations”)

Line Rider Press – 573 followers (“Unapologetically working-class poetry website and book publisher. We feature a new poem every week.”)

LitStream Magazine – 588 followers (“Supporting emerging writers and artists by publishing fastdrafts of their work.”)

Long Poem Magazine – 2,479 followers (Dedicated to longform poems and sequences.)

Love Letters Magazine – 1,339 Followers (publishes songs, stories, poetry, articles, and visual art, age gated to ages 14-19)

Lune: the Journal of Literary Misrule – 405 Followers (Lune publishes all different kinds of writing, seems to be interested in genre bending works too)

LUPERCALIA Press– 1,135 Followers (publishes chapbooks “that focuses on sex and sexuality by anyone who self-identifies as transgender or queer”)

Lxminxl – 32 followers (“A digital magazine whose purpose is to house esoteric art, knowledge, and language”)

Madhouse Press – 2,299 Followers (Publishes chapbooks)

The Madison Review – 1,360 Followers (publishes fiction, poetry, and art, published semiannually)

The Madrigal – 1,547 Followers (a poetry press based out of Dublin, currently only publishes poetry but that may change)

Main Squeeze Literary Magazine – 323 followers (“A student run Literary Magazine coming out of Southern Oregon University in Ashland Oregon.”)

The Martello – 96 Followers (publishes “the work of young writers from Dublin and beyond”)

Mascara Literary Review – 3,833 followers (“A transnational journal of Australian & world literature in Eora nation. Our focus is decolonising, Asian Australian, Indigenous, migrant & subaltern writing.”)

Mausoleum Press – 565 Followers (“poetry and visual art magazine…particularly interested in pieces with dark or abstract themes”)

MAYDAY : art. literature. commentary. ( – 1,111 Followers (publishes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, translations, cultural commentary [essays], and visual art)

Meshroom Magazine – 449 Followers (online and print journal, accepts “any forms of art and/or writing”)

miniskirt magazine – your destination for love & romance – 2,067 Followers (publishes poetry, fiction, cnf, and flash fiction [not currently open for visual art but plans to be in the future], love and romance are the themes of the journal)

The Minison Project – 1,137 followers (Specializes in “minisons,” poems of only 14 characters each)

mixtage – 397 Followers (“mixtage mag embraces art that is traditionally seen as questionable [wait, is this art? I could do that]” seems to be open to all different kinds of things)

Monstering Mag– 1,121 Followers (“if you are disabled and identify as female and/or non-binary, we encourage you to submit”, publishes poetry, prose, artwork, and “audio-visual features”)

Moss Puppy Magazine – 729 followers (“We want your weird, muddy, & messy. Send us what’s in your swamp.”)

mutiny! – 2,431 Followers (“we are looking for short poetry and prose that refuses to apologize”)

New Constellations Magazine – 321 followers (“Started in 2021 by the students of Saint Francis University, New Constellations Magazine is a literary magazine dedicated to publishing the new and emerging voices of high school students.”)

Night Coffee Lit – 83 Followers (Publishes poetry, art, and “ephemera”)

Night Sky Press – 761 followers (“We’re a small same-world anthology magazine dedicated to bringing new and creative ideas into a universe of collaboration.”)

NINSHAR ARTS – 883 Followers (Based out of Philadelphia, “dedicated to the experimental writing and visual art of the dispossessed, disempowered, disnomered, disidentified, diseducated, disincluded”)

Nothing Without Us– 314 Followers (publishes stories by “writers across the disability, mental illness, developmental disabilities, neurodiversity, Blind, and d/Deaf spectrums”)

Novel Minority – 397 followers (“By & for BIPOC teens. Creative community educating, mentoring, & organizing your fiction into our reality.”)

Nurture – 778 Followers (Has “a soft spot for work that explores the complexity of care”, publishes poetry, flash fiction, cnf, and hybrid work)

Nymphs Literary Journal – 2,767 Followers (“open to poetry and prose on a rolling basis, with particular focus on marginalized voices and emerging writers”)

The Offending Adam – 635 followers (“A publisher of writing/poetics.” Also publishes chapbooks.)

Off Menu Press – 1,689 Followers (“We are a zine and community space for individuals who identify with a canonically-excluded gender”, they publish poetry, prose, hybrid writing, and visual arts in physical zines)

The Ofi Press Magazine – 3,323 Followers (based out of Mexico City, “aim of promoting Mexican literature around the world”, publishes poetry, short stories, non-fiction, interviews, and reviews)

Ogma Magazine – 1,154 Followers (publishes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, art, and photography, include trigger warnings in any submissions that need them)

Olit – 1,450 Followers (based out of Orlando, publishes fiction, cnf, and poetry)

OOMPH! Press – 560 Followers (“international literary press publishing contemporary poetry and short prose in translation”)

The Open Culture Collective – 607 Followers (publishes poetry, prose, photography, design, and art, “welcome[s] international submissions and are especially interested in the work of contributors that identify as women, non-binary, LGBTQIA+, persons with disabilities, vernacular writers, and members of racial, community or religious minorities”)

The Open Page– 360 Followers (based out of the UK, publishes poetry, interviews, reviews, short stories, and flash fiction [has plans to have a print edition in the future]

Openwork Mag – 639 Followers (publishes any kind of written work [ there is an extensive list]

Orbus Tertius Press – 631 followers (Canadian book publisher of innovative and challenging works)

Osmosis Press – where writing shifts and spills across boundaries – 1,237 Followers (based out of the UK, publishes poetry, fiction, and non-fiction)

Paddler Press – 994 Followers (publishes poetry, painting, sketches, mixed media, and photography, all the issues are themed)

Pallina Press –1,762 followers (Publishes Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal)

Paper Crane Journal – 1,802 Followers (publishes any kind of written or visual art, age gated to ages up to 20 years old)

Paracosm Literary Journal – 1,344 Followers (publishes poetry, prose, and visual art, age gated to ages 13-24)

Pareidolia Literary – 1,976 Followers (themed issues, publishes poetry, short fiction, non-fiction (memoir or essay), criticism/reviews, visual art, and audio/visual media)

The Parliament Literary Journal – 69 followers (“A literary gathering, collecting and challenging the talents of artists and writers across the globe.”)

Pastel Pastoral Magazine – 1,234 followers (“Lit mag all about the light, effervescent, and magic of life.”)

PEP HAUS Magazine – 306 followers (“Rather than assigning a theme or tone to PEP HAUS, we want your submissions to inspire how we curate each resulting issue. Anyone familiar with rejections from existing magazines knows that tell tale line of “it’s not exactly the kind of stuff we’re looking for.” Good on them and their clear, incorrigible vision.”)

Perennial Press – 1,841 followers (“We center narratives of womxn, people of color, and queer folks.”)

Peril Magazine – 3,382 followers (“Peril is an Asian-Australian online journal of writing, arts and culture.”)

petrichor – 1,670 followers (“We welcome underrepresented voices and unheard approaches to poetics and the melding of text & image.”)

Pitymilk Press – 267 Followers (Press that is interested in genre bending poetry works)

Plenitude Press – 1,421 followers (“Plenitude Magazine promotes queer and trans literature through online publication of poetry, prose, book reviews, and interviews.”)

poetically – 2,626 followers (“We are an all-inclusive publication so there is equal opportunity to be published for everyone and we especially seek work from people of colour and the lgbtq+ community.”)

Poetry Online – 215 followers (“publishes & republishes accessible lit, weekly. Pay $25 per poem.”)

Pollux Journal – 1,883 Followers (focuses on works that are multilingual or “centered around multilinguality” open to poetry, fiction, cnf, and hybrid genre work)

Pop the Culture Pill – 637 followers (“Open to all, but we encourage Dalit-Bahujan-Adivasi, LGBTQ+, and POC creators to send entries.  ”)

Postscript Magazine – 1,466 Followers (“publishes social and cultural narratives which are usually allocated to the footnotes”, each published text is paired with artwork done by a contributor or the journal, publishes poetry, criticism, op-eds, and social/political commentary along with both visual and digital art (short films, video art, audio art, music)

Prolit– 1,707 Followers (publishes “poetry, prose, art, and photography that deal in some way with money, work, class, or capitalism”, contributors paid according to funds raised)

Prune Juice – 305 followers (“Founded in 2009, Prune Juice Journal is proudly known as the longest-running international literary journal dedicated solely to English senryu and related forms.”)

Pulpmouth – 664 followers (“Literary magazine of the in-between”)

The Quarterless Review / Tiding House – 298 followers (“An attempt to provide a free digital space and weekly publication for artists to share, perform and collaborate”)

Queerlings – 2,082 followers (“A literary magazine of queer writing from LGBTQIA+ voices.”)

Quince Magazine – 1,750 followers (“Poetry, fiction, lifewriting, scripts, art, photography & film. Emerging & established & marginalised voices all welcome.”)

quip – 975 Followers (publishes fiction between 500 and 5000 words, has a $3 submission fee)

The Rainbow Choir – 344 followers (“An anthology amplifying LGBTQ+ youth voices. We want your stories about what it’s like to be a young LGBTQ+ person.”)

RASA LITERARY REVIEW – 1,045 followers (“Online Journal/Unfurling the navarasas through the hues of expressions and emotions.”)

Red Virgin Magazine – 180 Followers [I could not find any submission guidelines or anything like that, unsure of what to make of it]

RLYSRSLIT – 1,374 followers (indie pub of poetry books and unconventional literary objects)

Saffron Lit – 917 followers (“Lit + arts magazine for the voices of s/w Asian + Mena writers in all their colors and cadences”)

San Antonio Review – 705 Followers (based in Austin [ironically], online and print publication, publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, visual art, excerpts, reviews, critical theory, essays, music, spoken word, multimedia, and translations)

Sapphire – 69 followers (“Fueling the art of creation to reflect us and our stories” Hosts the Books & Booze book club and the Sapphire Hues lit journal.)

Sazeracs, Smoky Ink – 427 followers (“We’re interested in publishing stories that uplift and appreciate all facets of the human experience. We’re looking for writing that feels authentic, intimate and empathetic. We accept fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews, essays and interviews. All work should be previously unpublished.”)

Scan Me Poetry – 317 Followers (lit journal that pairs poems with music using QR codes)

Scrawl Space – 289 followers (“Travel litmag for readers who prefer Bash? to Lonely Planet.”)

Scriptor Press – 240 followers (“Scriptor Press is an independent press founded in 1995 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We publish the quarterly literary magazine The Cenacle & other publications.”)

S C R Y P T H – 428 Followers (publishes “work of Nordic artists working with literature that is concerned with its visual quality, and visual art that explores representations of language”)

The Seafront Press– 356 Followers (based out of Wales, “a small lit press run by one non-binary human in Aberystwyth”, publishes poetry, art, fiction, and reviews)

Selcouth Station Press – 3,358 followers (“Small press of poetry/fiction/+. Online & print. Open to all from anywhere! BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled writers/artists all welcome.”)

THE SHORE – 3,656 Followers (“Cutting, strange, and daring work for new and established poets alike”)

Sibling Rivalry Press – 1,675 followers (“Inclusive, independent publisher based in Arkansas founded by Bryan Borland.”)

Skin Magazine – 638 followers (“We encourage young Black creatives and creatives of colour to tell their own stories, speak their truths and freely express themselves – and especially feeling safe in doing so.”)

Sledgehammer Lit – 3,995 Followers (published poetry and flash fiction 4 times a day, also working to release a chapbook once a month [though not atm doing that, starting slowly over the next year or so])

The Slit Review – 566 Followers (publishes book reviews of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, also accepts film and theater reviews, publishes in both English and French)

Slouching Beast Journal – 1,067 Followers (publishes poetry, prose, and experimental/hybrid works, has “some bias toward shorter, vivid pieces”)

small leaf press – 3,405 followers (“We publish a quarterly short story anthology featuring hidden voices from POC and underrepresented people in general (disability, neurodiversity, sexuality etc.) where you have the chance to write a short story for us based on a new theme every quarter, and possibly get published.”)

smoke and mold – 586 followers (“Nature writing, broadly defined, by trans and Two-Spirit people.”)

some scripts – 369 followers (“Literary mag full of scripts: stage plays, screenplays, monologues, radio plays, Zoom plays, & more!”)

Sonic Boom – 686 followers (“publishes experimental poetry, Japanese short-forms of poetry, prose, and visual art;” edited by Shloka Shankar)

SPAM Zine – 2,748 followers (“post-internet poetry zine & pamphlet machine ; lowbrow x highbrow” out of Glasgow, Scotland)

Speculate This– 450 Followers (based out of the UK, publishes speculative fiction, poetry, and art)

Spellbinder – 1,069 followers (“A quarterly literary and art magazine based in Durham which celebrates artists, dramatists and poets, as well as fiction and nonfiction writers from all backgrounds around the world.”)

SPILLOVER MAGAZINE – 1,001 Followers (publishes poetry, cnf, and flash fiction, also accepts art submissions, requires a trigger warning for any adult or triggering content)

Southchild Lit –  2,709 followers (“Whether you’ve been rejected five times for the same poem or whether this is your first poem ever written, I want the world the see it”)

SPORAZINE – 1,348 Followers (“a journal of experimental literature written by trans people”)

Stone of Madness Press – 4,481 followers  (“A  queer/nonbinary-run lit mag & home for queer, trans, & neurodiverse experiences.”)

Storm of Blue Press – 3,731 Followers (“by & for lgbtq women & nonbinary people”, has reading fees that vary depending on submission, publishes poetry, prose, and visual art)

Streetcake Magazine – 4,108 followers (“innovative, visual & experimental writing.” seeks “underrepped” writers and awards a prize)

Stuck in the Middle – 174 Followers [nice] (“aimed at gathering the stories of Midwesterners”, publishes poetry, creative prose, lyrics, photography, sketches, paintings and other visual art)

Sturgeon Review – 991 followers (“We want your simmered, cooked, and fried pieces.”)

Sugar House Review – 1,660 Followers (“independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit poetry publisher…promote[s] an eclectic range of poets through publishing and live events)

superfroot – 3,614 followers (“A literary arts magazine started by four creative best friends.” Accepts writing and art. )

Surfaces– 3,206 Followers (“an open literary arts platform, acutely oriented toward works of spontaneous creation by self-taught artists working outside of existing literary communities and the academic system”, publishes fiction, poetry, essays, and text-collages)

Swallowtale Press – 323 followers (“What we hope to accomplish here is a realization, a “making real,” of Mad / Disabled people’s right to power, agency, and legacy.”)

Sweetfist– 103 Followers (“mutual aid zine giving 100% of funds after shipping to a diff charity each month”, publishes written work and visual art in a doc format)

SWWIM – 1,893 Followers (“SWWIM publishes, promotes, and celebrates women writers, trans and cis women, nonbinary, intersex, and other gender-expansive communities…online poetry journal SWWIM Every Day”)

Tagvverk – 862 followers (“An online journal publishing poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, criticisms, visual poems, and multimedia projects”)

Tatterhood Review– 53 Followers (publishes fantasy and science fiction short stories [up to 7500 words], poems, and visual art, pays $10)

Tattie Zine– 756 Followers (publishes poetry, prose, and visual art, the theme is potatoes)

Temenos – 97 followers (“We seek outsider, clout-less, non-standard work…” $3 submission fee; poems, fiction, cnf, visual art)

Tender Buttons Press – 2,924 followers (“Publisher of experimental women’s writing since 1989”).

Tether’s End Magazine – 1,470 followers (“A literary magazine somewhere at the end of a tether.”)

ThereAfter Magazine – 594 Followers (publishes non-fiction and visual art [not currently accepting fiction]

Thirty West Publishing House – 3,209 followers (“A small press of handmade chapbooks”)

Tipping the Scales Journal – 2,784 Followers (based out of the UK, publishes poetry, non-fiction, fiction, artwork, and photography, accepts work from lesbian women only, encourages women over 50 to contribute)

trashheap –326 followers (“An online “””””art”””” zine whomst uploads trash”)

TunaFish Journal – 2,175 followers (“We accept submissions year round, with new content themes each month.”)

Twin Pies– 2,347 Followers (“we want: no-context stories, experimental poetry, form-altering cnf”)

Under The Wires Magazine – 360 Followers (based out of the UK, focuses on emerging writers [regardless of age], publishes poetry, prose, reviews, scripts, and essays)

Vagabond City Lit – 3,801  followers (“A digital space feat. poetry, art, nonfiction, interviews, and reviews by marginalized creators.” Publishes a new issue every month.)

La Vague Journal – 831 Followers (“publishes female (and female-identified) poets and artists whose work occupies the space between poetry and visual art”)

A Velvet Giant – 1,615 followers (“A genreless online literary journal”)

Version (9) Magazine – 583 Followers (“journal of contemporary poetry and poetics that celebrates the theoretical”)

Vine Leaves Press – 1,989 Followers (“We publish book-length vignette collections, writing reference books, short story collections, memoir/autobiography, and character-driven novels with a literary bent”)

The Vitni Review – 938 Followers (interested in work that “pushes against convention” publishes poetry, fiction and cnf, and book reviews)

Voicemail Poems – 3,247 followers (Submissions are sent to a # and recited as voice mails)

warning lines mag – 1,581 Followers (publishes “poetry, fiction, cnf, & visual art from queer/trans and/or neurodivergent creators”)

Wine Cellar Press – 3,066 Followers (publishes poetry, 24-32 poems per issue)

Wintermute Lit – 650 Followers (publishes young and emerging writers of speculative fiction)

with confetti – 645 followers (“A queer lit magazine to celebrate our lives and moments | submissions for issue 1 open til 31st July”)

Whiptail – 119 followers (“A journal dedicated to the single poetic line.”)

White Wall Review – 592 Followers (based out of Toronto, publishes fiction, poetry, and non-fiction)

Whut? Magazine – 368 followers (“The home of bomb-ass words and images. We bi-annually publish a free online edition and a print edition available for a pay-as-you-feel donation.”)

Wiggle Bird Mailing Club – 1,027 followers (“A monthly zine mailing club based on Patreon! Publishing a new zine each month from trans and queer authors since 2018!”)

wind-up mice – 538 followers (”Based in California, wind-up mice is an art & literary journal that aims to capture whimsy in everyday life. the beauty within the mundane.”)

The Winnow Magazine – 4,034 followers (“We are a digital lit mag that features prose, poetry, & artwork by LGBTQAI+ creatives”)

woe eroa – 1,122 Followers (“a monthly press/journal collecting and distributing militant poetics” publishes poems, essays, art, and chapbooks, “a poetics whose gravity hangs on marxism and critical theory”)

The Wondrous Real Magazine – 2,177 followers (“An online literary magazine dedicated to blending magical themes with the contemporary world.”)

Wordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature – 1,101 followers (“First, we are dedicated to providing an accessible venue for featuring the work of emerging and well-known writers with disabilities (disabled writers). Second, we seek to make available and expand a searchable core of this work for interested readers (with and without disabilities) who are committed to disability poetry, literature, and the arts.”)

YONQ – 367 (“Jailbreaking the OS on our bionic eyeballs”)

yours, poetically – 2,626 followers (“A literary & visual arts publication for wordsmiths, storytellers and the poetically inclined”)

Zero Readers – 629 followers (“Process-focused poetry journal. Personal feedback on all subs. We like minimal, direct stuff especially.”)

ZiN Daily – 1,582 followers (“an international literary magazine that was founded in 2017 and since then has published many established and emerging writers.”)

Caleb Jordan is a poet from Oklahoma. Follow him on Twitter @gkmonthly

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