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What to look for when considering retreats/conferences/workshops – guest blog post by Ellie O’Leary

Retreats, conferences, or workshops – referring  here to a writing experience that usually lasts a few days in a row, often recurring annually, as opposed to a workshop that you attend weekly or monthly. The conference is often something larger, possibly at an academic site, and retreat evokes […]

Big Little Places: Presses and Magazines w/ Under 5K Likes on Twitter – guest post by Caleb Jordan

This list grew out of my curiosity over literary magazines and Twitter followers and grew into a list to help people find places to submit and to create community. New, exciting avenues for online lit are popping up all the time. All the information in this list is […]

My Masters Degrees Didn’t Prepare Me for Publishing – guest blog post by Kristiane Weeks-Rogers

Pursuing a higher education degree was an easy choice for me after undergrad. I am a scholar and will always love to learn. Looking back on when I first dived into applying for a masters program I could start the summer I graduated from college, I do remember […]

The Rejection Jar – guest blog post by Zoë Fay-Stindt

Right now, I’m making eyes at my most steadfast companion over the last six months, sitting patiently on the window ledge—my sweet rejection jar. The small honeypot that’s come to be one of my most valued writing tools, helping me smooth over the sharp edges of submitting work […]

Spiraling Through Structure – guest blog post by Christine Stewart-Nuñez

Last month at my poetry reading in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the bookstore owner introduced me with an anecdote. He described an open-mic regular who summoned the courage to read because he realized that “everyone’s got something to say.” I recalled the summer in my early 20s when […]

Writer’s Block and Writing to a Prompt – guest blog post by Kathy Lundy Derengowski

Are you feeling stuck? Is your muse off flirting with other authors? Do idle pens and pencils and blank pages fill you with guilt? Do you have a bad case of what we commonly call “Writers Block”? Well, oddly enough, it is a description that does not apply […]

Poetry Aloud Podcast – guest post by Hannah Rousselot

Poetry is, by nature, a personal art. There is no need to share it with anyone if one doesn’t want to. But I’ve always wanted to. Throughout my life I’ve found myself drawn to other poets. I joined reading clubs, school magazines, entered contests and participated in open […]

Literary magazines ranked by number of Twitter followers – guest post by Brecht De Poortere

This new ranking includes 500 literary magazines and ranks them by their number of Twitter followers – an easily comparable statistic that is available for virtually every magazine and gives a good indication of their digital reach and potential readership. As someone new to writing, I wondered where […]

Tools for Re-Membering: Re-Framing Experience in Your Poems – guest post by Sally Rosen Kindred

In the past few years—okay, decades—of writing poems, I’ve found myself returning again and again to certain impressions, aching to get them down, but often disappointed by what I’d made. Some moments, no matter how crucial, how wounded or wild and starlit they are—or maybe because of that—resist […]

You Ought to Be in Pictures – guest post by Pasquale Trozzolo

A picture is worth a thousand words—not exactly music to a writer’s ear, especially a poet. Still, it’s hard to argue the fact that a picture can create an emotional reaction faster, deeper and longer lasting than words alone. When you read the words “E.T. phone home,” what […]

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