Self-taught MFA on indefinite hiatus, aka, has been running since 2014 and I’ve published over 2,100 posts in the last eight years. It has been an extremely rewarding project and was a complete surprise–I had no big plans when I first started sharing information for the poetry and literary community. When I took last June off and re-prioritized everything, the change was good, but now I’m realizing I need a bigger change long term.

My website will stay available in the future, for historical reference. For an undetermined amount of time, I’ll no longer be posting regularly, doing editor interviews, etc. I may still share news about my publications, upcoming events for the International Women’s Writing Guild (of which I am a board member), the occasional guest posts I may write for other sites, and any other info that seems relevant and/or I just feel like sharing. And who knows, maybe someday I’ll start up again!

There are many resources available online to use for current submission calls and other helpful tips,  check out some of these excellent literary resource sites, not to mention my lists that will be useful for the long term, such as Year Round Calls. If you’re on Facebook, I’ll continue to run the No Fee Calls for Poems group as well.

A HUGE thank you to all who have followed my site, offered support, contributed to posts, provided me with feedback, and given your time in any way to the literary community. The best part of this project was getting to know so many amazing poets, writers, artists, and editors!

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  1. Thanks for all your hard work – it’s been much appreciated. I took a good-sized break a while back and it made all the difference when I dove back in. Enjoy the time away.

  2. Trish, I just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done! After a lifetime of writing fiction, I started writing poetry four years ago during NaPoWriMo, but it was your blog that has encouraged me and pointed me towards the direction of getting published. I’ve published five poems this year, three with places I discovered through your blog (Gyroscope, Poetica Review, and Thimble) and one of the others was written during an IWWG workshop! (I joined IWWG because of you!) So, thank you from the depth of my heart! You’ve allowed me to realize dreams I was never brave enough to let myself dream.

    Wishing you all the best, and I hope to run into you at IWWG virtual events!

    Cathy Thwing

    • Cathy, that is all so amazing to hear! Thank you so much for sharing that with me. Congrats on your publications! We’re going to have an incredible IWWG Poetry Palooza this fall!

  3. You are the most unselfish poet out in our world, Trish. Thanks for your support and dedication to us writerly folks. May your days be filled with abundant peace, joy, and creativity!

  4. Trish, you have been a constant and immensely informative support and encouragement. I know that there are many of my published poems owe thanks to your interviews, helping me always find the best match for my work. I wish you well, and hope your journey forward will be a meaningful and flourishing one.

  5. Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you have put into this. I have enjoyed it so very much–the author interviews, the craft discussions, the advice columns, the news of your (and others) successes, etc. You are far from being a selfish poet; you have been extraordinarily generous with your time and energies. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you!

    • All of the responses to my announcement have been gracious, kind, and warm. This is my fave response so far… thank you! (and also you’re welcome). <3

  6. You have been a very generous person and have given so much of yourself. I have appreciated all of it, have sent your blog to so many. You put a lot of yourself into these posts—all these years you have given as a labor of love. Wishing you the peace and joy and inspiration you have given me.

  7. Thanks Trish for all your time, effort and love you have invested in your blog from the start!! Wishing you great success and blessing in all your future days! You have been a real blessing to the WP community!!
    Via Con Dios, My Dear

  8. Thank you for all the very useful information your great blog has given me since I first wondered about getting a poem published in 2016. Good luck with whatever you are making time for, and I look forward to hearing form you in the future.

    I will miss your emails….. Kim

  9. Thank you so much for all the work you have done for the poetry community. I have had recent acceptances from Dear Booze and PoetIca RevIew thanks to you. You deserve every bit of rest and time to yourself. Happy Writing!

  10. Oh Trish, your regular posts will be sooo missed. For years you have been my go-to resource, and I always direct my fellow poets to your site. I do know, though, the need to recharge and reassess how we expend our energy. I wish you great success (and will be checking regularly in the hope that after a period of R&R you will pick up the (poetic) reins again.) Fingers crossed! -and with all gratitude.-Kathy

  11. You’ve been a huge inspiration for me with the poetry that YOU shared that you found homes for; your words are touching. I appreciate the effort you’ve put into this blog, on Facebook and it will be very useful for anyone looking for different homes for their work. It’s been a blessing to me. Thank you.

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