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Write, publish, or participate in poetry – Poetry blog hits 10K followers!


I’ve been posting poetry related information on my blog almost daily since October 2014. Below is a summary of the types of information I post, where, and how to access it quickly. If you are looking for information on how to write, publish, or participate in the larger poetry community, please contact me here and I’ll do what I can to find the info and share it in an upcoming post.

Here’s how to find what you are looking for…

MAIN MENU –  at the top of the page & includes the obvious stuff:

My Poetry – a list of my published poems and links so you can check them out and my Chapbooks – the two chapbooks I’ve published and links so you can read them. There’s also a page for NaPoMo – National Poetry Month of course! This menu includes links to my past NaPoMo projects with summaries and such.

About Me – a resume of sorts, my publications, interviews, reviews, awards, and how to contact me.

Poetry Resources – a list of posts categorized by Poetry groups and events listings and by Writing resources. Writing resources includes posts for all sorts of writerly information, including: important poetry sites online, how to publish, how to use social media, word generators and other tools, etc.

Where to Submit – this is where the magic happens! All of my custom made lists just for poets, plus a quick link to all my submission call posts in order of the date they were posted. Learn where to submit and get paid, where to submit formal verse, found poetry, and reprints, and where to submit internationally.

SEARCH – enter key words to find what you’re looking for

CATEGORIES – The right hand side of the screen will give you anything else you might need. “Post Categories” has a drop-down list for all my posts categorized by topic. Topics include:

ARCHIVES – select a previous month to read past posts

POETRY LINKS – some of my favorite online poetry destinations

WRITING RESOURCES – some of my favorite online resources

And of course, back up at the top you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress to make sure you never miss an update!

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  1. This post is a great idea. I find that I sometimes forget that not every reader that comes along is going to be able to navigate my blog with ease, the way I do.

  2. Trish,

    Amazing! You're a great poet and amazing organizer and worker. I have bee at a stalemate all winter with health problems. Had several tests and finally three weeks ago I was diagnosed with lymphoma. Start chemo Monday and this spring I'll need a bone marrow transplant. Cancer is evil disobedient cells. I'm tough and intend to fight with the sword of faith.


  3. Hello! I am a fairly new blogger and I’ve mostly written poetry on my blog. Would love to have your feedback on my poems and some tips to take my writing and blog further.

    • Unfortunately, I’m not able to give feedback on poems due to lack of time, but I will just mention that when you share your poems on your blog, they are considered published by most literary magazines and publishers, so as long as they are on your blog, you won’t be able to send them out for publication, unless they take previously published work (reprints). Keep reading! Keep writing! And check out your local area for open mics and writing groups to get feedback. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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