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"Best Places to Submit Poetry: A Ranking of Literary Magazines" by John Fox + updated with payment/submission fees

Thanks to John Fox for putting together this amazing list of Best Places to Submit Poetry. He actually went through 7 years worth (2011 – 2017) of the anthology The Best American Poetry to see where the poems had been originally published. The result was a list of 168 literary magazines. I took this list a step further–made sure the lit mag was still around, checked their payment level, and whether or not they charge submission fees. My updated table is below.
Definitely check out John Fox’s web site Bookfox. He tells his story on the About page and offers some incredible resources for writers, such as the Best Places to Submit Poetry list and other rankings like 100 Best Literary Magazines for Fiction. You can subscribe to his monthly email newsletter here: http://thejohnfox.com/writamins/.
“Bookfox is my gift back to the literary community that supported me through my writing journey. Because I believe that the writing community needs to support its own. It's a hard journey. Nothing is harder than writing. Yet with other writers at your side, it's a little less lonely.”

Click here for the original list “Best Places to Submit Poetry: A Ranking of Literary Magazines” by John Fox

Here are my updates to his list with any important notes, payment level, and whether or not they typically charge submission fees. Most don’t charge fees and many are paying markets. The list is sorted the same as the original article, with the literary magazine with the most poems in the anthologies first and those with only one last. For more info on how the list was originally created, see the original article.
Note that some may not currently be open for submissions. If you use Duotrope, you can track most market’s reading period dates by clicking the little light blue track icon in the Submission Periods section. To see which markets you’re tracking, select Your Deadlines from the Account menu.

John Fox List Other Note Submission Fee Poetry Payment
1. The New Yorker, 28 None Professional $50+
2. Poetry Magazine, 23 None Professional $50+
3. The American Poetry Review, 17 Yes Pays occasionally
Ploughshares, 17 Yes Professional $50+
4. The Southern Review, 16 Post only Professional $50+
5. The New England Review, 13 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
6. The Cincinnati Review, 11 None Semi-pro $5-$49
Harvard Review, 11 Yes None
7. Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day Series, 10 solicitation only
The Kenyon Review, 10 None Professional $50+
Prairie Schooner, 10 None Unknown
8. New Ohio Review, 9 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
The Paris Review, 9 Post only Professional $50+
9.  Southwest Review, 8 Yes Token $5 or less
The Virginia Quarterly Review, 8 None Professional $50+
The Threepenny Review, 8 None Professional $50+
10. The Nation, 7 None Unknown
The Georgia Review, 7 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
11. The Literary Review, 6 None None
AGNI, 6 None Semi-pro $5-$49
Salmagundi, 6 None None
The American Scholar, 6 no poetry info
12. The Believer, 5 None Unknown
Court Green, 5 closed
The Iowa Review, 5 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
Poetry Daily, 5 solicitation only
Boston Review, 5 Yes Unknown
The Common, 5 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
Green Mountains Review, 5 Yes None
Harper's, 5 solicitation only
Gulf Coast, 5 Yes Professional $50+
jubilat, 5 None Semi-pro $5-$49
13. The Awl, 4 closed
Conduit, 4 None None
FIELD, 4 closing soon None Semi-pro $5-$49
Denver Quarterly, 4 None None
London Review of Books, 4 None Unknown
River Styx, 4 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
Subtropics, 4 Yes Professional $50+
Tin House, 4 None Professional $50+
The Yale Review, 4 Post only Unknown
Raritan, 4 no sim subs Post only None
14. The Atlantic Monthly, 3 see FAQ for submission info None Unknown
Barrow Street, 3 Yes None
Beloit Poetry Journal, 3 None Pays occasionally
Columbia Poetry Review, 3 Yes None
Granta, 3 None Unknown
Hanging Loose, 3 None Unknown
New American Writing, 3 None None
Plume, 3 None None
A Public Space, 3 None Professional $50+
Rattle, 3 None Professional $50+
Alaska Quarterly Review, 3 None None
The Antioch Review, 3 None Semi-pro $5-$49
Cave Wall, 3 None None
Fifth Wednesday Journal, 3 None Pays occasionally
The Gettysburg Review, 3 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
New Letters, 3 None Semi-pro $5-$49
The Sun, 3 None Professional $50+
New York Times Magazine, 3 no guidelines
15. 32 Poems, 2 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
Able Muse, 2 None None
Black Warrior Review, 2 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
Blackbird, 2 None Semi-pro $5-$49
The Carolina Quarterly, 2 Yes None
Colorado Review, 2 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
DMQ Review, 2 None None
Fence, 2 Yes None
Waxwing, 2 None None
Five Points, 2 Yes Professional $50+
LIT, 2 None None
MAKE Literature Magazine, 2 None None
MiPOesias, 2 closed
The Missouri Review, 2 Yes Professional $50+
The New Criterion, 2 no guidelines
Painted Bride Quarterly, 2 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
Pleiades, 2 None Unknown
Poet Lore, 2 None None
Post Road, 2 Yes None
Image Journal, 2 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
The Southampton Review, 2 Yes Pays occasionally
Terminus Magazine, 2 closed
The Hopkins Review, 1 Yes Unknown
upstreet, 2 None Professional $50+
Verse Daily, 2 unusual guidelines None None
Birmingham Poetry Review, 2 None None
The Sewanee Review, 2 Yes Pays occasionally
The Sycamore Review, 2 None Semi-pro $5-$49
Cherry Tree, 2 None Semi-pro $5-$49
Massachusetts Review, 2 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
16. ABZ, 1 closed
The Baffler, 1 None Unknown
Beltway Poetry Quarterly, 1 None Unknown
Birdfeast, 1 None None
Boulevard, 1 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
Brilliant Corners, 1 None Unknown
Burrow Press Review, 1 closed
Carbon Copy Magazine, 1 closed
Crazyhorse, 1 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
Cream City Review, 1 None None
Early Music America, 1 no poetry info
Ecotone, 1 Yes Unknown
Fruita Pulp, 1 closed
Gris-Gris, 1 Yes None
Gulfshore Life, 1 no poetry info
Harpur Palate, 1 None None
The Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review, 1 Yes Pays occasionally
Hayden's Ferry Review, 1 Yes None
House Organ, 1 closed
The Hudson Review, 1 None Unknown
Iron Horse Literary Review, 1 Unknown Professional $50+
The Journal, 1 None None
Kinfolks Quarterly, 1 closed
Lambda Literary Review, 1 None None
Lemon Hound, 1 closed
Little Patuxent Review, 1 None None
The Los Angeles Review, 1 Yes None
Maggy, 1 no poetry info
The Manhattan Review, 1 None None
McSweeny's, 1 no poetry info
Mead: The Magazine of Literature and Libations, 1 closed
Memorious, 1 None None
Michigan Quarterly Review, 1 None Semi-pro $5-$49
Mid-American Review, 1 None None
Muzzle, 1 None None
Naugatuck River Review, 1 None None
New South, 1 Yes None
New York Quarterly, 1 closed
Ninth Letter, 1 None Semi-pro $5-$49
The Normal School, 1 None None
PANK, 1 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
PEN America, 1 no guidelines
PMS: poemmemoirstory, 1 renamed “Nelle” Yes None
Poetry London, 1 None Unknown
Poetry Northwest, 1 Yes Pays occasionally
Poets.org, 1 solicitation only
Powder Keg, 1 None None
Redivider, 1 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
The Rumpus, 1 no poetry info
Seneca Review, 1 None None
Sentence, 1 closed
Slate, 1 no guidelines
Southern Indiana Review, 1 None Professional $50+
Spillway, 1 None None
Terrain.org, 1 None None
Tongue, 1 solicitation only
Tupelo Quarterly, 1 None None
Unsplendid, 1 None None
Vinyl Poetry, 1 None None
Vitrine: a printed museum, 1 no guidelines
The Volta, 1 submissions closed
West Branch, 1 None Professional $50+
Willow Springs, 1 None Semi-pro $5-$49
Zoland Poetry, 1 closed
storySouth 1 new south writers None None
Buzzfeed 1 no guidelines
Mississippi Review 1 solicitation only
Callaloo 1 closed
The Collagist 1 None None
Tahoma Literary Review 1 Yes Semi-pro $5-$49
Paperbag 1 None None
Los Angeles Review of Books 1 no poetry info
Crab Orchard Review 1 None None
Copper Nickel 1 None Semi-pro $5-$49
Ragazine 1 None None
Greensboro Review 1 Yes None
Parnassus 1 closed
Brilliant Corners 1 no sim subs Post only Unknown


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  1. I know as editor of the North Carolina Literary Review (NCLR) I am biased and that NCLR limits submissions to NC writers (albeit BROADLY defined), but I do think NCLR should be noted in a list like this. Our Poetry Editor Jeff Franklin comments on every poem that reaches him, so if a poem gets through the first round of screening, the poet receives feedback even if the poem is not selected for publication. And then there is the art that our amazing Art Editor Diane Rodman selects to complement the poems that are selected for publication in our print and online issues. Find out more about NCLR on our website at http://www.nclr.ecu.edu.

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