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“(Soma)tic Poetry Rituals: The Basics in 3 Parts” via CAConrad

Creating a regular writing practice and making time to write can be challenging. Recently, when talking with a friend about how to switch gears and write creatively after a day job of editing (or frankly, anything that does not require creative head space), I suggested creating a ritual to do just that. I was thrilled to see that CAConrad posted their steps to create a ritual and writing practice on their blog today! They provide the basics, in three parts:

  1. Create Your Ritual
  2. Taking the Notes (free writing)
  3. Shaping the Poem

So much good in these steps. They are inspiring, give lots of ideas, and leave room to customize or tailor the ritual and writing practice to what will work best for you. Thanks again CA!

Click here to read “(Soma)tic Poetry Rituals: The Basics in 3 Parts”

CAConrad is the author of 9 books of poetry and essays. While Standing in Line for Death (Wave Books), received the 2018 Lambda Award. A recipient of a Pew Fellowship in the Arts, they also received The Believer Magazine Book Award and The Gil Ott Book Award. They teach regularly at Sandberg Art Institute in Amsterdam, and their books, essays, films, interviews, rituals and other publications can be found online at

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