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Do I need a Strategy to Submit Writing to Literary Magazines and Journals? via Int’l Women’s Writing Guild

I’m pleased to announce I’ll be presenting a session at the upcoming International Women’s Writing Guild conference coming up this October in New York City! In preparation for the event, they recently published a new article I wrote about submission strategies on their blog:

Do I need a Strategy to Submit Writing to Literary Magazines and Journals?

Here’s an excerpt:

“The short answer is, if you want a strategy, if it helps you plan and manage your submissions and/or keeps you writing, then YES! There's no fancy formula for being more successful with publication. It varies from person to person based on their goals and priorities. Some writers want as many publications as possible to get their name out there and build up their C.V. or publication credentials. Others only want to submit to paying markets and contests to bring in extra income or based on the principle that they should always be compensated for their work. Some use publication to push themselves to be better writers and to participate actively in the writing community. And some writers have little interest in publication--choosing to use writing as a creative outlet or to share with family and friends. I've certainly weaved in and out of all these approaches over the years and there's nothing wrong with that either.”

The conference theme is “The Writer’s Arc – From Page to Publication” and includes a weekend of workshops, panels, and networking with agents and editors. It’s being held at the Cornell Club just off 5th Avenue on October 26 – 27. Registration rates are reasonable and range from $99 – $349.

Click here for more information and a link to register!

My session is on Saturday, October 26 from 1:00 – 2:30pm and is entitled: “Where and How to Submit your Poetry.” If you’re planning to attend, please let me know and make sure to come say hello!

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  1. Perhaps you will cover the problem that they seem only to print dark, dismal, depressing work. Whatever happened to positive, but realistic creations…no one wants them. Is tshisthe way of the world today or just a bunch of MFA people pushing death, destruction and a dark future….

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