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Literary magazines ranked by number of Twitter followers – guest post by Brecht De Poortere

This new ranking includes 500 literary magazines and ranks them by their number of Twitter followers – an easily comparable statistic that is available for virtually every magazine and gives a good indication of their digital reach and potential readership.

As someone new to writing, I wondered where to submit my short stories and I was bewildered by the sheer number of literary magazines out there. Like me, you may have felt some relief when you discovered the rankings developed by the likes of Erika Rouse, Clifford Garstang and John Fox. However, I quickly discovered that these rankings either included only a limited number of journals, or included many that are now defunct. Several magazines also appeared on one ranking, but not on the other. And I found that the rankings were very US-centric, leaving out great journals from the UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

So I set out trying to find a new way of ranking English-language literary magazines using an easily comparable statistic. Initially, I tried website traffic. But I quickly abandoned that endeavour because such information is not available for all websites.

Then I discovered that almost every literary magazine has a Twitter account and that the number of followers is an easily comparable statistic that gives a good indication of the magazine’s digital reach and potential readership. Of course, the number of Twitter followers is not necessarily a sign of journal quality, and online journals are more likely to have Twitter followers than print magazines. There is nevertheless a strong correlation between the number of Twitter followers and a magazine’s reputation. Does it surprise you that the New Yorker, The Atlantic, and the Paris Review have the most Twitter followers?

That being said, there are some respectable journals that have very few followers, while there are online magazines that have tens of thousands of them. In a digital age, I can’t help feeling that online presence is crucial and will increasingly become so. While of course reputation matters, ultimately you want people to read your words! So I suggest you take a look for yourself and use this list together with the other rankings that are out there to design your own strategy when submitting to journals. Enjoy!

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Brecht De Poortere was born in Belgium and he now lives in Paris, France. An economist by day, he is trying to write at night about all the beautiful and sad things he experienced while growing up in Africa.


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